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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If You Only Knew...

I'm doing tell it to me Tuesday this week, from over at The Art of Getting By and the question is:

What are the best albums you believe most people have never heard?

I wonder who I'll pick for this, oh who could it be? Oh yes, only the best singer/songwriter known to the universe...Edwin McCain. Any chance I get to pimp him out, I'm all over it. And, if you know me, you know he's my future husband, even though he is married with kids. I still have faith. Tougher yet, which album to choose?

One will be Messenger. It has these songs....

It's the first album I bought, and it has the acoustic version of "I'll Be" which is usually the only song people know of his, even though he's had several released on mainstream radio. It's on a lot of wedding song lists. Not very original. So, when I get married it will be what I walk down the aisle to. Watch him sing it live!

One of my all-time favorite songs of his, "Ghosts of Jackson Square" This has one of my favorite lines of all time. "We wish ourselves beautiful, and we cry in the night. It's not the love we fear, but the fall from the height. Our crepe paper bridges, afraid to look down, enough water to drown"

Prayer to St Peter...that he has sung for the troops several times, and to hear him sing this live, will make anyone cry. Watch for yourself!!!!

And, it has my theme song, "Sign on the Door". How am I suppose to know you cant read the sign saying sorry we're closed?

You may have also heard "I Could Not Ask For More". It was also a very popular song back in the 90's, and actually the reason I bought this album in the first place.

It was hard to pick just one Edwin album, because though I love all kinds of music, his are the only ones that I can love every song, and never feel the need to fast forward through any of them. He's the one musician that I can say I connect with...of course I mean musically. Well...aside from the fact that we're destined to be together, but I won't bore you with the details of that.

So, I had to pick another Edwin album, Far From Over.

Hearts Fall was on the radio. Write Me a Song.....one that makes all the girls cry, and the old women swoon at the sound of my tune, the hearts of the lonley will fly.... about how everyone wants a song written about them.

"Kentucky" is the song you want your ex to sing to you when you are marrying someone else. It starts "the night before your wedding, I dreamed what I would say, I'd beg you for forgiveness for all the mess I made." And has the best chorus "oh sweet kentucky, no matter where I land, I was just a boy for you, now he will be your man". It might also be a favorite cus of the trips to Kentucky with my ex Z. But, whatever. He wrote it for an ex and when he sang it the first time at a concert, he said he had to sleep on the couch for a week when he first wrote the song. Smart woman. Too bad I'm stealing her husband!

Radio Star makes fun of one hit wonders, and the main stream music industry like Britney Spears. "you all want to be me, and I'll be gone in a week" He says at his concers you shouldn't own an acoustic guitar unless you intend to write sarcastic songs with it.

My Edwin is adopted, and he has 2 adopted kids. So he wrote this song for his adoptive Mother, Letter to my Mother, which is a good one also. Only cus you don't hear the concept much.
Other favorites on the album are I've Seen a Love, that is a fan favorite live. Watch him break it down at the end. Goosebumps.

Dragons is about addiction. And facing your inner 'dragons'. I'm not a faithful person, nor do I enjoy singing church hymns, but for some reason I love that he put Jesus, he loves me on an album. He's from South Carolina and it just reminds me of a southern gospel church.

Edwin is only the geatest ever, and though hardly anyone I know has heard of him (besides the fanatic moments I have) he has a huge fan base. And his albums sell really well, despite the fact that he's not played on the radio much.

If you like songs that have meaning, you'll love Edwin. Every song he writes, has a story. Whether it's a funny, sappy, or foot stomping song, there is something for everyone. No one I've taken to a concert has ever complained, because you can't help but have fun at a live show. The energy of the crowd, and the band, is just amazing. He's funny, adorable, and to watch how much he connects with his own music, when he sings, is a sight to see. Now, run out and buy an album, and tell me how great he is.

This is a funny song he wrote, Gramercy Park Hotel, on his latest album, about a hotel he stayed at where Babe Ruth was kicked out of. I fucking love You Tube!!

I rarely miss work, yet I am feeling 100% guilty for being home. As if, work can't function without me? I never let myself off the hook. I feel like a slacker. Even though I am up for 1 hour, and asleep for 3. Up for 1, down for 3. I can breathe now. CP asked the pharmacist about my taking a bottle of robitussin in a day. They said it'll fuck with my blood pressure and make me unable to sleep, and irritable. I've had none of those problems. Well, besides I'm slightly irritable. I'm fucking sick! Now, I'm off to bed, because I'm sick as a fucking dog. Know what sucks? Having had your nose peirced only 2 weeks, and getting a head and chest cold complete with bloody snot. I've taken to stuffing toilet paper up my nostril to stop from constant blowing and rubbing of the peircing. I hope I don't get some sick infection because of this, because that's just what I need, a diseased nose.


Celina said...

I do know Edwin, and I saw him in "concert" once at this ratty little bar here in town. R, my boyfriend at the time was supposed to go with me, but backed out at the last min (didn't have gas money, or some other nonsense), so I ended up going with this random guy friends. I enjoyed the music, but it probably would've been more "meaningful" if R had been there with me! And, I love the mix of instruments & soul of his voice (as opposed to guitar + drums + synthesizer voices = CRAP). Unfortunately, I do not own any of his CDs, but I may have to check on getting one or two! :)

supplymadam said...

I love going to concerts. You may think I'm wierd but I see Alice Cooper every year. He puts on one great show and he still is lean and still has strong vocals.He really plays to the audience..The first time I ever saw him in the 70's I felt like I was at a broadway show. This year we are seeing him at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC Oct 21.

Natsthename said...

I dig Edwin McCain, and I wish more folks would, too!

Janet said...

Ive been meaning to download Edwin's new album for awhile now. I really do enjoy his voice. And have you ever seen him interviewed? He's funny, too!

Mon said...

Awesome! I agree, I love the sax, and the soulful feel. R really missed out for sure!

Alice cooper rocks! We went a few times to his Freaker's ball! It was a blast! The show was really good too, I'd have to agree!

Props to a fellow fan! I have mixed feelings cus I'd love for him to make it big, cus he deserves it, but I also sorta like having him to myself, smaller venues=personal meetings, autographs, pictures....

The new one is a little different, but equally as awesome. He is the cutest. He tells the funniest stories on stage. He did a whole 'cribs' segment on his first DVD in his trailer at home. Of course, its not his home, but it was really cute. That's why we're getting married.