"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tell Me I Was Dreaming....

Know what happens when you're sick? You sleep. And, when you sleep a lot, you must run out of things to dream about so you start dreaming about your exes. I had several dreams about that cock knocker ex husband, and I only hope it doesn't mean I'll run into him. One of the dreams was about us getting back together. Say wha? Another was about us having casual sex, as if I would ever be that desperate? God, please don't ever let me be that desperate.

I also dreamt about the most recent ex, TWDSO. He came over in the middle of the night and got into bed with me and CP and told me to tell him to his face why I didn't want to be with him anymore. His friend was with him, and he was asleep on my couch. Once TWDSO left, I was hitting on his friend, while CP slept in the next room! When his friend left, there was my first love Chris! Who wanted to marry me! For some reason, all my exes came to haunt me while I was seriously sick. I blame it on being dillusional due to cough syrup overdose. It was like some sort of demented intervention. Back away from the men.....

While I was on my death bed, having whacked dreams, nothing sounded good to eat or drink, but I got a craving for a Blizzard from Dairy Queen, cus it would feel good on my throat. What is it with dogs and drive thru's? I take my dog everywhere, because she is my crutch. She can never understand the all-American concept of the drive thru window, or even the speaker.

When someone speaks, she goes nuts, runs around over me, and rolls down all the windows (not that she's trying, but rather too excited and pawing at the door handle) and whines. Then forget about it when she sees a person in the window, talking to her mother. She makes the strangest noises. I guess I could compare it to taking your hyper active child in public. It's kinda embaressing.

Talk about embaressing. I went out in public, sans bra, with 2 day dirty hair, sporting my pink Hello Kitty in school buses PJ shorts, and a 3 sizes too big T-shirt, and a bright red nose. Man, I even scared myself.

So, the Blizzard. Even if you havn't been able to eat much, don't think that a large Blizzard is a good idea. It's a 20 oz drink cup, so it doesn't appear to be that big, but in reality, thats a lot of freaking ice cream! I was full for hours from it. Even though I was in and out of sleep, my stomach hurt like nothing else. Robitussin, and dairy product is not a good mix.

I finished watching all my Lost episodes. Well, except the last one, because I decided to watch part 1 and 2 before the season premiere in October. Build up the momentum you know.
I also caught up on all my Tivo'd shows. On The Girls Next Door, they went to Europe, and were on a tour, where they said they wanted to meet the Queen. The tour guide said she was at the Chelsea flower show. The girls wanted to attend the show, and the tour lady said it was just for the royal family. That's bullshit, my boss goes to that show every year. It's the largest show in the world. We show one of our perennial lines there. So the lady was just too embaressed to take Hugh Hefner, and his 3 girlfriends to the show. I can't imagine why.


Anonymous said...

I'd be afraid to go back to sleep with dreams like those. LOL

Angie said...

I watched that Girls Next Door too! I'm also psyched about Lost!

supplymadam said...

I now about those wierd dreams when you're sick. It's funny how that happens.
Maybe you should try what Samantha had on Sex and the City when she had the flu. I think it was Fanta orange soda and cough syrup in the blender. Rememeber that one?

Bianca Roland said...

I dreamed about my exhusband the other night too, which was weird, because I totally have not even thought about him at all lately. It used to be that when I dreamed about him I would categorize it as a nightmare (since I usually dreamed somehow that I was being forced to get back together with him), but this time it was more like "meh". It's progress, I guess.

Hothousemomma said...

dreams are so twisted... and strange. Good thing they are never close to reality.
I cant wait for lost to start again. Grey's Anatomy also

Kentucky Girl said...

I ADORE weird dreams. Dunno about ones with my exes in it. Gag.

Momma said...

At least you didn't have the flying blankets or gold birds dreams which sometimes accompany a high fever..teehee.
I think that each guy gives you someting good to remember and when you are sick you will take anything to make you feel better even if subconciously it is a small remembrance of whatever it was. I still dream about the love of my life, but he still usually hurts me in my dream as he did in real life and I still love him. Still kick us when we are down like the dogs they are.

Mon said...

Yes!! I remember that episode. It was kinda sad she couldnt get a man to come take care of her, but I guess the moral was friends are forever. That looked nasty, but it did work for her!

Definately, sounds like your subconscious is starting to get past it. Too bad they cant just drop dead. Ohhh, I don't mean that.

No shit, dreams are definatly creepy sometimes. Omg, Grey's Tonight!!!!!!!

It's kinda fun to try to analyze them. But, yea, a bunch of exes in one dream is a little overkill!

always the words of wisdom. and you'll never forget those flying bibles and birds will you? I'm not reading the amityville horror though, so my dreams weren't THAT sick and twisted.