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Friday, September 08, 2006

Bunnies and Cows and Chickens oh my!...

I'm walking around in a fog today. I'm TI-RED! Ever have a bunch of good things happen? Then you wonder...when is the ball going to drop? It's sorta sad that I can't enjoy my good fortune. Remember how I won Ohio State tickets? I got an offer for a LOT of money to sell them. Seeing how I don't much care about going, I'm going to sell them. Christmas is coming you know. Time to save the money, and fa la la la la.

The baseball game was fun last night. It's great to feel special, and sit in awesome seats, and not use the general bathrooms. However, we didn't get any free food this time. What a rip off. Tayray and Todd got a 6 pack, for $36. The price meant they were real glass bottles, and someone put them in your fridge for you. Sweet. They rip you off so bad at those places. You can see where we sat in this picture. We're the second loge from the right. By third base, which Tayray pointed out to me, was NOT first base. Wtf do I know?

The home team was up 12-0 at the bottom of the 7th. It was such an ass kicking that I actually felt bad for the other team. The Altoona Curves. Ummmm I'm pretty sure that's near my Mom's home town of Ebensburg, PA. But, I wouldn't admit to that.

The best part of the game, was the dancing. I forgot all about the 'bat boy', he's got some sweet dance moves. I'm 99% sure he is 'special', but that doesn't mean he can't bust a move. I'm so mad I forgot my camera to take a video. He does fancy bat tricks, and twirls his hat, and slides, and line dances to, and from picking up the bats.

Tomorrow I have to take Kat's Mom to the fair. Kat hates the fair, she says it sucks cock. Kat's Mom told her she can sit outside the fair and suck some cock. If you knew Kat's mom, you would know that's some funny shit for her to say. We're excited about going, we like the bunnies and cows and chickens. And seeing what the 4-H kids made. It's exciting shit right there.

How did everyone like Big Brother last night? *spoiler* I found it hilarious, to watch Mike booger walk around and mope without his little butt buddy Will. He was so lost without him. He didn't know what to do. The best part, was when he tried to do their 'famous' phone calls to each other in the diary room, and Mike said "brrrring.....brrrrrring.....brrrrring" and no one answered and the look on his face. I couldn't stop laughing. I'm so mean. Big shocker he took Erika. I only hope America gives Janelle the 25,000. She deserves it. She is a good competitor, love or hate her, she won all those competitions.

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supplymadam said...

Wow the fair sounds like fun. We are going to a Horse Competition on Sunday and the best part is it's free. But we are going to lunch first ,It's right near the Long Island Sound by the docks so we have a few places to pick for lunch. I can't wait. I love to watch horses. I used to take lessons but after a few falls and throws and getting older I've lost my nerve,although I have done a trail ride here and there .