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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hit Me Baby One More Time....

So, after a week of searching for the 'right' outfit for CP's birthday 'suprise' I made do with what I could find. But..let me tell you, I'm not really the girl for this dressing up thing. Maybe I should have gotten drunk first? I stood around laughing until he got home. Did he like it? Hell yea he liked it. Did I like it? Not so muich.

I did the logical thing when faced with a sale.. I went to Old Navy, as usual, for ONE thing. It's not my fault they had a freaking sale! Spend $75 and you get $15 off. Plus, I did get another coupon for a future visit for $10 off my next $50 purchase. Have I ever mentioned, how much I love Old Navy? I got my FASH ON!

I won tickets from work for a baseball game tonight, the Akron Aeros. It's close to home, and the minor leagues, but it's still pretty fun. Not to mention, I got tickets for the loge. I dunno how to even spell loge, but all I know is I'ma be kickin' it like I'm important, eating free food and drinking free drinks, and watching the game from the comfort of a cushy couch. Don't even ask me what Orbit is suppose to be. He has claws, and a long tail. And, he likes old people, so I think he's some sort of outer space cat or something.

Too bad me and CP both hate sports. I'm not sure who else won tickets either from work, it very well could be some lame-o, or the person who shits on the floor. If it's the shitter, then the whole night will be ruined, by their incontinence.

I also won tickets to an Ohio State football game. If anyone wants to rub my belly and call me buddha, feel free. I think I am on a roll. I won the Penn State game. I've never been to an Ohio State game, I always gave the tix to my ex, and never got to enjoy the fun. Everyone says it's a killer time, so it might be fun to go. Where there is beer, there is fun. And a hotel room means out of town sex. I dunno why, but it is always different out of town.

I got tagged! It's my first time! Thanks Chelle. Word association:

1. Addiction - needle
2. Hot - salsa
3. Penis - envy
4. Paris - hilton
5. Red - wine

5 words for these bloggers will beeee.....

1. Auto
2. Spy
3. Wind
4. Loud
5. Sexy

And I tag:

1. Celina
2. <>MzAriez
3. <>Janet
4. <>Rachel
5. <>Frances


Tayray said...

Give me some of that luck you seem to be having! Go buy a lottery ticket. OSU games are a blast, but for warning you can NOT smoke or drink in the shoe. They don't sell beer inside!!

Bianca Roland said...

Oh, I so badly want to get some new clothes, but I'm going to wait until I lose 10 more pounds.

supplymadam said...

I just got me 2 new pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans and a really nice brown pull over that is quite slimming. Plus 2 pair of sunglasses because I am brutal with sunglasses. All 40% off at Macy's plus I had an extra 20% off coupon.

Hothousemomma said...

thanks for not tagging me haaaa

MzAriez said...

Lucky lucky you! Okay Budda....send some luck this way.

Mon said...

yea, Columbus pretty much blows for smokers.

I should wait but it's hard when there are sales!!

you had a fun shopping spree! dayum!

laugh it up....your days are numbered....lol

Ok, my work here is done.