"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, November 10, 2008

Makes you stronger if you dont die..

Happy Monday. I dread the thought of another boot camp class tonight. Due to the fact that the bitch tried to kill us on Friday. I can't believe I paid money to be tortured. Who does that crap? Friday? Some girl in the class, ate Popeye's chicken. If you wanna cheat, that's fine, but don't have asshole friends that will email pics of you to the instructor, who will then use this against the entire class. After 1,000 lunges (I wish I was kidding) We did this thing where you jump side to side, while twisting, with your arms above your head swinging side to side. "100" she said. By 100, we were all dying, and people put their arms below their shoulders.

Another 100. She gave balance balls to people to hold up because they were slacking. Meanwhile, the rest of us were losing feeling in our shoulders, pushing on. I was in so much pain by the time 400 rolled around, I had to stare at the a/c vent in the ceiling, and try to meditate myself to a happy place. I kept my arms up too. My happy place worked until at 400 she said 20 more. Several times, until we reached 500. I wanted to slap those fucking bitches for putting their arms down. It's my first week and I can do it, but we have to all suffer for it? After a billion other torturous events, we had to run laps. I don't run. I jog at best, at a 4.4. She made me be on the outside lane, because apparently, I can go fast even though I'm dead tired. I started to get nauseus and tried to get on the inside (slow) lane for a few laps, and that's when she said

Crazy bitch: "get on the outside lane and go faster"
Me: "I'm gonna puke"
CB: "no you're not try harder"

Well, I didn't puke but by the time we were done I did dry heave. I have a hard time knowing when to eat before class, this time it was an hour and a half before. I don't want to have food in my stomach, but I have to eat something. Either way I've felt sick.

All in all it's worth it. I officially lost 2lbs (from Tues-Friday) while eating real food, and I can tell a huge difference in my pants. From one week. Torture or not, it's the ass kicking I needed to get over the hump. Skinny coworker who thought she was indestructible? Gained a pound. She ate lasagna, chinese, wings, and beer. Duh.

In other news I was so sore on Friday that I basically laid on the couch popping ibuprofin's after soaking in the hot tub. Saturday I went shopping with my Momma, (who had chocolate at her house) and had a date with my manfriend for 80's night. I had a hard time not undressing him with my eyes. How can one person drive you that insane? We played pool, and video bowling. We also did 80's trivia, and the man won free drinks. Yessss. I drank vodka in an effort to not gain weight. Which is a change from the usual beer, so we'll see how it goes.

We had a movie-thon yesterday, and I made stir fry for us. The boy actually liked it. It's one of the few things I excel at. Easy things. I was so content snuggling with him all day, I would have been happy to freeze time and stay in that moment. He is so sweet to me, and I can't wait til I can come home to him every day. I have to stop thinking about it because it makes me think negatively, as I know that wont be happening any time soon. So I have to live in the moment. It's so hard though. Sigh.

How was your weekend?


Heather said...

Maybe I need a bootcamp crazy bitch to help me lose weight.

As for the drinking, I discovered that the morning after drinking a lot, I weight a few pounds less. But only on the day after because I'm all dehydrated and stuff. But, still. It's exciting for a moment.

Heather said...

"I weigh" not "weight". Oops.

Erin said...

OH My God - seriously, you pay for that??

LOL - hey, if it is working that is great!!!! But just don't get too burned out that you quit - sometimes doing that to someone, even if the trainer thinks it is motivating or whatever - will turn someone who likes to exercise into someone who doesn't exercise for a month or more... I think she is just a freak with power - that is insane!! BUT I'm way happy that you have lost a few more pounds and are toning up - that is awesome!!

LBluca77 said...

I think I should join a boot camp and drop a few lb. But I would be like that girl and then go and eat popeyes. That is some good chicken.

Samantha said...

Mine totally sucked, but yours sounds good! Although I think I would have slapped Gym Nazi!

So@24 said...

I'd rather take 4 midterms in a row than puke once.

Fizzgig said...

it works, ill tell you that much. you dont want to get called out in class.

i need that push to keep going. It's too easy to quit. most places.

lol, we wanted to kill her for the popeyes. I still have some things I shouldnt like juice, and carbs. Oh, and alchohol. I don't want to be miserable. So i could lose way more, but then, id just gain it back.

someone did, and got kicked out. This was before my time though.

really? cus id rather puke and get an "A". lol

Maxie said...

oh gosh... that sounds intense but I bet it will actually work unlike my workouts... I get on the bike for like 3 minutes and then i'm done.