"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Freddy Doesn't Live Here Anymore...

When I'm president, we'll work 3 weeks, and get 1 week off. Imagine how well rested we would all be! Everyone would love me too. I got like 2 straight hours of sleep last night. 5 am after snoozing on and off on the couch. It was date night wink! The manfriend gave me a much needed leg massage! He's pretty sweet that way! It felt amazing! I dunno if you know this, but I sure do love him. I did modified jumping jacks in class, ran in place and waved my arms. Good thing, cus we did 1,100 last night. Bootcamp nazi thinks I need new shoes. I just got new shoes for walking. Now I need shock absorbing shoes. Being in shape is freaking expensive.

And um, my legs are hurting so bad. It's the strangest spot and feeling too.

Speaking of DVD's (?) I have a pretty sweet collection. (I'm not going blu-ray even though I said I'd never go DVD) I'm pretty pissed off that when I got my box set of Friday the 13th, it only included movies 1-8, because 9 and 10 were put out by New Line Cinema. You would think for what they charge you for that shit, they could have come to some sort of an agreement. Now, there is going to be another movie. Which will also not fit into my box set. It's a remake. I think remakes pretty much blow. Except... the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which is also a favorite), was pretty damn good! Nothing can ever replace the original for me, I remember it scared the shit out of me as a kid. You can't replace that with a remake.

Since I have fabulous taste, I bet you wonder what other movies I love? Well.. Nightmare on Elm Street, the entire series. (Which I also have the box set of) Even the cheesy 3-D one. One common denominator of all these movies, is Freddy. Played by Robert Englund. (remember him as "Willie" from "V"? That show rocked! They ate hampsters!)

You just can't put anyone else into the shoes of Freddy. Period. Rumor has it....Billy Bob Thorton will be the new Freddy. I know you are as outraged as me. We could put our powers together and start a letter writing campaign. Those always worked on the Brady Bunch. Billy Bob? "mmmm hmm, I wanna smashed tater with ketchup" Billy Bob? Yea, get a clue dude! I mean, some people get all up in arms about who plays Jason, but Jason doesn't speak.

One part of getting older I despise? Remakes. Movies, and music. Nothing is sacred.

Remember the movie the 6th day? With Ah-nold? His kids pet dies and he takes it to re-pet, and they get the same pet back? How flippin awesome is that? That's an OK remake. I'd always have my pets cus their the cutest. That cloning crap scares me. Best cloning movie in my opinion? The Island. Cus that shit could happen!


Damsel Underdressed said...

6th Day? That sounds almost like the same premice as Pet Cemetery.

A fair fairy said...

I wanted to tell you; you're my hero for that bootcamp!

Erin said...

6th day sounds similar to Pet Cemetary - one of my favorite movies ever, lol.

I was always a Freddie fan as opposed to a Jason fan.... I do love your taste in movies even though at this point in my life I cannot watch a scary movie because it keeps me up all night, lol.