"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 14, 2008

Trim the Birthday Tree!...

Have you seen this old lady video about switching to digital TV? It's why old people scare me.

It's Friday. What I love about Friday, is two days off from bootcamp. Good lawd! I am anticipating another 2lb weight loss...as I calibrated my scale to match the bootcamp scale. (By calibrate, I mean, subtract 2lbs from my weight to match the boot camp scale. I'm a borderline engineer, minus the math skillz) It seeeez I lost 3 lbs, but we'll see! If nothing else I maintained... but I'm pretty confident I lost. My pants are roomy! Two weeks! You'll have to hold your breath until Monday. I know the anticipation must be eating at you!

I spent last night with my legs propped up, and iced. Soaked in epsom salts. Popping ibuprofin. I am not getting much done other than working out latley.

My birthday is fast approaching. It is precicely 1 month from today. You can send gifts whenever you want though, it's always a good time for presents! As with last year, the manfriend and I are going away for the weekend to southern Ohio and stay in a cabin. This year we are going to stay in a former coworkers cabin, and I'm pretty excited. I invited some people to come down the first night, and kickit, and the second night I'll get to spend with the manfriend. I dunno what more you could want, than to be with someone you love, in isolation. It's romaaaaaannnnntic! Could be scarey too. I have been joking with the manfriend that I'm making a "manfriend" doll, and that is why I'm randomly stealing his articles of clothing. Maybe I am? Or maybe, I need supplies for when I finally kidnap him.

I made the effort to plan this trip two months ahead in hopes more people could pencil me into their busy schedules, but that never works for some reason. You know how people always say "we should go away for the weekend" but then they never do? Those people kinda suck balls. Friends in the movies do it all the time. I always knew I should be an actress.

I have one couple for sure going with us, and the rest can eat it. When they're 80 they will be sorry they didn't do more fun stuff.

I also planned it for my birthday weekend, and had to change it recently to the week before. The manfriend has to catsit for his Mom. Guess who won that one? It kinda pissed me off because as I said, I planned this well in advance. Yes, you may take note, the boy pissed me off. Well, the situation did. And, it didn't last long One thing I have improved with myself is not being mad about things for which I cannot change. I didn't dwell on it. The old me would've milked it, and thrown it in his face whenever I could. The old me was kinda a bitch. The old me dated assholes too, so there you go.

Don't I sound all smart and well adjusted? I know!

Last night the boy said the cutest thing. He was fixing his windows for the winter, caulking them (you said caulk) and he said he wanted to make sure I was warm when I was up there with him. (he does live in Cleveland, home of "it snows or rains every time I am up there") The best part is that he means it, and he does stuff like that all the time. It feels amazing to have someone actually care about ME and my happiness, and comfort. It's a first for me!

Have a fabulous weekend, send me thin thoughts so I may weigh in tonight at less than last week! I'm going to have dinner with the manfriends friends tomorrow night. Which will be a task since I'm on restrictions.


Erin said...

See, I'm one of those people who actually do go away for a weekend when I say I will - but unfortunately I'm friends with people who aren't... It sucks!

You are sure to have a great time though - even if you are just alone ;)

Heather said...

Ooooooh. Very romantic! Yeah, I think I want friends like the ones in movies too. Better yet! I want friends like Grey's Anatomy people.

I'll send thin vibes your way, if you send them mine!! I've been stuck for a few weeks.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Happy early BD. :-)

Oh, and that commercial with the old lady scares me too. I worry that's going to be me in 40 years.

brookem said...

sending you THIN thoughts!
i only just started reading here recently- what's the bootcamp for? i did one back in the spring/summer for a girlfriend's wedding and loved every burning second of it.
and lost 10 lbs.
and have gained about 4 back.
but still loved it, none the less.
a cabin with friends and with the manfriend- sounds like a good time to me!

Allison M. said...

My favorite old people video is a woman who would appear on Leno called the Fruitcake Lady. YouTube her. It makes me laugh, every single time like I've never seen it before.

Damsel Underdressed said...

Congrats on the weight loss so far! The working out thing really hurts but it's a good kind of hurt. This week coming I am going to start back with my boxing lessons with my trainer. It does for your upper body what running does for your lower body and I'm feeling a little flabby around my middle.

Oh, and single friends are way more reliable at plans than couple friends. I don't know why but I enjoy my friends now much better than the ones I had while I was married.

Fizzgig said...

you should move up where it snows and we should start a club. You can even be president for moving =)

I know, wouldnt it be so much easier? except, I'm not sure I'd be ok with all the partner swapping they do, I would take it much harder.

me too. getting older scares me. I'm already lacking a lot of knowledge of technology!

thank you! I started bootcamp cus I lost 50 lbs its been over a year now, just working out, and for the past year i've maintained and not lost more weight, and ideally I could lose 40 more, but I wanna lose 20-30. I've been at a plateau forever. And this is kicking me back into some weight loss!

I like the fruitcake lady, I saw one of the youtubes when she said "you're a hoe" it makes me laugh to think about.

how fun, boxing! There are people at work that do that in our gym with a trainer, it sounds really hard, (they are behind me) but i hear them grunting!