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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Something That Requires no Thinking...

Ok, so Erin tagged me. Here's the instructions for you to participate. Let me know if you do!

* Go to your sixth picture folder then pick your sixth picture.

* Pray that you remember the details.

* Post it on your blog.

* Tag 5 others, leave a comment to let them know they’ve been tagged. (unless you are legitimately sick like me, then you don't have to)

So here's my picture.

Funny story with this one.

I would have personally picked the real version of this photo, which was probably like #10 in the folder. But, whatever. I blingee'd it cus it was fun to do, and blingee is addicting! This particular night was an ever-popular with the ladies, sex toy party at one of my girlfriends houses. We were drinking vodka. (shocker) and feeling pretty good from sniffing this pheremone roll on stuff that the sex lady brought, it was spose to drive the men crazy.

Sidenote: (one of our friends was actually injured playing pass the penis. She biffed it hard, and had to sit there with frozen peas on her knee...tears and all...playing pass...the...penis....she can never live that one down. Ever. "how'd you get hurt?" Oh, I was trying to catch a double-sided penis between my knees that another girl passed me from her knees)

Turns out the pheremones drive girls crazy too. I took the face out to protect the innocent. But it's obviously one friend sniffing the others ass. I think she might have rubbed pheremones there? We rubbed it all over. And Sniffed each other too. No, not THERE, you pervs!

We decided to go out after the party, dancing on the lakes (that's portage lakes to you big city readers) to test out the pheremones, turns out the men didn't fall at our feet, despite my one girlfriend's urging to do so. One guy did ask the girl in blue to dance or something and when she said she had a bf he said something like...."so?" Boys are pretty rude sometimes.

Oh yea, that was a good band that night, what the hell were they called? Anyone? They played 80's music!

I think everyone should do this tag..., because I can imagine the stories I'd read. I'm sick, and don't feel like adding all the links. I'm sorry. I suck. That cute manfriend of mine got me sick with his sickness. Bleh. He's lucky he's so irresistable.

More snow today. Like, a storm.


Barb said...

Something that requires NO thinking? Dude, that will take a LOT for me!!

I see on the side of your page that you posted $1.69 for gas! Maybe I have to think about those ditches as my friends! LOL

Erin said...

LOL - Oh now that was a good story!!

Sniffed each other - LMAO!!!

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Heather said...

Yeah. I sooo want to party with you guys sometime.

I was going to do it (even though I wasn't like tagged or anything fancy like that) but the picture I'd end up with isn't nearly as interesting as yours. It's a picture of my cat.

So see? I need to get out more and party with you. :)