"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 28, 2008

Drunk on Turkey...

Wednesday I got to leave work early. Lucky me. A perk for being salaried, and the boss. Boo ya! I couldn't go home cus I had bootcamp so I did the next best thing which is kill time at PetSmart. I like to torture myself by perusing the cats, but they had only one kitty who was asleep in her litter box. Wtf? So instead of feeling sorry for the homeless cats, I traveled to the caged animals. By that I mean like, hamsters and birds. I watched these little finches long enough, that I had to leave when I started pricing cages. I might have a serious animal addiction.

At bootcamp, we did 1500 jumping jacks. I think shes freaking insane. We normally do 850. Then she said 900. Then it was "100 more" until we hit 1500. Of course, its 300 jacks, then lunges, and running, and side legs, then 300 jacks. Not 1500 in a row, but you don't rest. Not for a second.

I hit the bar with my guy later that night. We played some video bowling, and pool. I actually made some shots with instruction. I still lost. Despite my incessent butt grabbing and pointless attempts at distracting him. He's like a machine when it comes to pool. I did hit a few balls in! Bonus! I miss beer. Have I mentioned that? I havn't developed a taste for straight vodka on the rocks. But I drink it. I know, my arm was being twisted, right?

I did suprisingly well on Thanksgiving. I had a nice wake up...(with the manfriend...wink wink) and then I worked out pretty hard. Showered, and stuffed my face at my Momma's, and we went for a walk. I feel good about my potential weight loss tonight. Despite the fact that I had apple pie. And mashed potatos. And stuffing. I loved every single second of it! Not having something makes it 100 times more worth it when you do have it.

While walking with my Momma we came across the cutest calico cat, that started to follow us. So I swooped her up and carried her. She loved it, and purred in my arms. My Mom said she was certainly someone's cat, but you shouldn't leave your cat outside if you don't want a caring stranger to try to gank it. Plus, she was extra weight on my walk. (cop out) Eventually she wanted down, and she led the way back to her house, taking three steps and looking back at us to follow...where she stayed behind, despite my pets and snuggles. Sigh. My plan was to steal her for my manfriend. Who desperately needs a pet if you ask me. Plus, who doesn't like cats?

I had mushy manfriend Thanksgiving thoughts. About how thankful I am to have met him. And then I got a sweet text from him, proving he was having the same sort of night. He is the sweetest man I've ever met. I feel so loved by him, and he never ceases to amaze me with how caring he is. Sigh.

How was your Thanksgiving?


Alexa said...

1500 jumping jacks? good lord.

happy day (after) thanksgiving!

mike said...

I love cats. I'm not allowed to have one at my apartment, but I'm thinking about breaking the rules because I want a black kitten.

Heather said...

I should probably do 1500 jumping jacks after everything I ate yesterday. I refuse to weigh myself for a day or two. I'm scared.

I agree. Everyone needs a cat. I have four.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I'm so incredibly jaded and yet I still got a smile on my face reading about your thoughts on your manfriend. Very nice. Oh, and 1,500 jumping jacks! Yikes! Guess I'd better get ready for when I join BC. Ouch...but you're doing great, and that apple pie won't make a dent! :-)

Erin said...

Sounds like a great day!!

You MUST learn how to play pool - it will really impress the manfriend :) I went out and played last night and kicked some ass - won all 11 of my games! I can teach you if I'm ever in the area ;)

And damn girl - I think I would drop after only 100!!

Janet said...

Ahh I miss bowling. And your blog too, thus why I am here.:)

Fizzgig said...

That's what we all said.

cats are easy to hide! I have 4 and I'm suppose to only have two. muh ah ah ah.

1500. Cant wait to hear about your experiences at bootcamp! Misery looooves company! I was jaded too at one point....

he would be impressed if I learned! It takes the time to practice I think. I never thought I'd do it either but when the whole class suffers for your shortcomings, you suck it up!

yeaaaaa, I want to bowl for real thats been a while!

lizziebelle said...

AHAHAHAHA my word verification is