"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Cat's Cuter than Your Cat....

Of course my camera quality sucks ass, but the fact is I have an adorable cat who loves to sit in the tub until I give her a toy to bat around. I'm willing to bet she's cuter than your cat. Regardless you'd never convince me otherwise.

I'm all excited to share my video with the world and my Mom says "it's cute, but that tub and wash rag are forever immortalized". I'm like...wtf is she even talking about? Mom's can be so judgemental. So I guess I have to say for her sake, that my bathtub is stained. It's plastic. I've tried every chemical, and powder, including CLR, and Limeaway to get the crap off the tub. Nothing's worked. If you have some miracle cure, please share it with me before my Mother dies of embaressment. I honestly don't care if it was dirty.

And she was just hasseling me yesterday to bear her grandchildren. I'd be an unfit mother, with my filthy bathtub. (regardless...this is not happening...my vagina does not want to make room for baby) "It'll change your life" she says. Yea, I know, that's why I don't want them, I'm happy with my life how it is. Call me selfish, but if I want to workout after work and not have to make 15 phone calls, or I want to nap on a Sunday afternoon because I was out late Saturday getting drunk and not having to call a babysitter. That's what I wanna do. At least I know what I want before having a kid and then screwing its life up. Ya hurr?

It's my last week of bootcamp. I'm terrified. I can't afford to go in December, with Christmas, my birthday, and having to get my liscense plates (yes, the evil vanity plates cost a buttload) and a new liscense. I'm turning the big 3-3. I'm also going away for the weekend, and getting my hair done. All costly things for a month. Sigh. I'm going to pay for once a week classes thru December, and rejoin in January. She told us Monday, no pentalty for weight gain this week with Thanksgiving. Some people (my coworkers) are really taking this to heart and eating crap.

I'm going to enjoy a normal dinner and hope for the best. I'm still not going to cheat other days. I work too freaking hard for that. Monday, I did regular jumping jacks because my legs don't hurt anymore. Hollaaaaaa. I'm going to have to just double up my workouts at the gym the normal bootcamp days and keep on keepin on.

In January...I'm back in the swing of things. And....I'm anxiously awaiting my stimulus package. You know, to pay my taxes, as usual. (which is bullshit)

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Enjoy some pie, and mashed potatos and stuffing, and corn, and CHEESE, and rolls, and um, mashed potatos, and pie, did I say that? All for me. Cus, I'm losing 4lbs this week!


Erin said...

Are we definitely getting a stimulus payment this year? I didn't think his outline included that... but I would be so freaking thrilled if it did!

And don't you worry about your mother - she'll live without grandchildren... either that or she'll hassle your brother to have them, lol. You just stick to your single life... let me tell you, I wish I could change places with you sometimes!!

Happy Thanksgiving if I don't see you tomorrow!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Your cat is damn cute, I have to agree, but I don't see the dirt in the tub, personally. I'm with you on the kids. Vaginas come in one size and should remain that way.
Have a great ThxGiving as well and I do plan to eat all that before I start bootcamp! ;-)

LBluca77 said...

Um no my cat is cuter than your cat.

Have a great thanksgiving!!

Fizzgig said...

he said he was wanting to get a stimulus before he was sworn in but you know that wont happen. But I expect one, he's mentioned it several times. I'm happy with how things are. I dont see things changing for me. I think my calling is animals, I relate so much more to them.

No doubt! lol. I ate everything I wanted and I did work out and walk and I'm hoping for the best at weigh in tomorrow!!

well....that just shows you love your cat. Can't argue with that!