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Monday, December 01, 2008

They Keep Piling Up...

Reasons I shouldn't have kids pop up all the time. Reason 4,567,908. They could not give two shits about you when you are 84, and stick you in a house somewhere with your 84 cats (cus, of course I'm going to have 84 cats unless some nice man marries me) and geese, turkeys, ducks, and dog all inside. Then, not come visit you and let you be on oxygen with heart failure and have no explanation as to why you were stuck there in the first place. Like this poor woman. Then, maybe cus it's cold and theres no electric or working plumbing, you have to use the cats to keep warm. (wait..I have electric and working plumbing and I do that now....) I dunno. maybe I'm rich, and my kid wanted to bamboozle all my money from me, so she acted like she'd care for me when she took me out of the old folks home?

The whole idea scares me. I still havn't gotten bitten by that baby bug. I don't think I will. My calling is for surely to re-populate a post global warming earth with animals or something.

Month end weigh in at boot camp. Goal? 4lbs. Reality? I lost THREE on THANKSGIVING week. (I'm dancing around in circles) Yesssss. What's better, I told the instructor that I couldn't afford to join for December. Sunday she called me and told me she's going to do a week by week pay as you go, vs. the whole amount up front! So, I can stay in boot camp! I'm pretty excited about that! Even though, it's a form of torture. It freaking works! And, the total for the month is 9lbs. I'm going to do better this month. I'm determined!

Speaking of the manfriend. Last Thursday I woke up in that spot, you know, the one where you are snuggled up in the nook of his arm with your head on his arm/chest? The one that seems made for us ladies to fit right in? (I'm thinking of this and smiling, pinch me) I must've been there a long time because the impression of my ear was on his arm. A perfect replication of my ear. What made it funny, was that he gave it "wet willies". And then later when we were apart, he told me he whispered sweet nothings into it. I totally have the cutest boy alive to love. *swoon*


Heather said...

Losing three pounds Thanksgiving week is very impressive! I didn't lose any. I didn't gain any. I'm pretty stoked about that.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Awesome job on the weight loss! I put off starting bootcamp this week due to both work and funds, but I'm joining next week! You are too funny with the ear impression and it sounds like your manfriend has a great sense of humor as well. :-)

brookem said...

um, i think your three pounds plus about 20 more came to ME on thanksgiving!

that story is awful about the woman with the cats and her daughter. ugh.

manfriend! cute.

So@24 said...

I'm going to make my kids sign a contract at Age 12 that they will never put me in a home.

It's a contract. Can't back out of that

mike said...

Aww, somebody's in love. ;)

Erin said...

For someone who does not want to have babies you sure talk about them a lot ;) Just sayin' :-)

LBluca77 said...

Bamboozle!!!! HAHA I love that word. Must try and use it in a sentence today.

I have not been bitten by the baby bug either. I know I am just not responsible enough to care for another human being.

Also, FYI I am doing a Christmas give away contest on my blog. The post should be up tonight or tomorrow if you want to swing on over and enter.

Fizzgig said...

not gaining is also impressive. It takes a lot of restraint to not eat an entire pie. Or, bowl of potatos in my case. And stuffing. God I love carbs.

I know its costly! But so worth it! Yea he's a funny boy, we laugh a lot!

sorry if you found the pounds! I need to start saying I got rid of such and such pounds. I didn't lose anything. Losing is an easy term. Oops, I lost it.

That's a pretty smart idea!!!

yea..pretty much ive been bitten and infected with loooove.

well in my defense I don't like being overweight and I talk about that too....a conditioning of the mind! That statement will give my mom something to bite on,,,,don't give her false hopes!

yea, thats another life. Woa!
contest! im all over it!

lizziebelle said...

what is this bootcamp? i need it.