"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 23, 2006

C'mon Baby Make It Hurt So Good...

There's trouble in paradise. But I'm not gonna get into all that right now. Nothing new. I do know that I love my CP. Funny how when I was 15 I thought my whole life would be figured out at 30. I'm just starting on that path, nowhere near figuring anything out. I don't feel anymore grown up than I did at 23, or 25. I think we put far too much emphasis on age. For instance, CP is 36 and he isn't anymore together than the average 21 year old. On to better things!

My legs? Yea I've decided that hurting is like their job. My hips? Who knew I had hips before going to the gym. Using muscles I forgot even existed. If I ever get another second job, remind me that I might want to do something where I'm not sitting an extra 20 hours a week. It's crazy. My back and neck hurt constantly, but since working out, I have no pain. Well, you know what I mean. The creaks and aches are gone.

There are some chicks that were there when I took these classes before, who don't look any thinner. They don't push themselves they kind of go through the motions. Going just to say they went I suppose. I can already tell a difference in myself. About 1/2 inch in my waist, and an inch in my thighs and hips! It's only been 3 weeks. I've been trying to walk the dog on top of the classes. So, it isn't reallllllly like I am not working 2 jobs, cus now, my job is getting in shape. I take it very seriously. I don't miss classes. I've been eating superb-ly too. If I fall out of my routine, it's hard to get back on for me. Aerobics is canceled Sat. and Mon. Whoever told those women they were entitled to time off is an asshole. So, I went Monday-Thursday to make up for it. Two of those days being intervals/step classes.

There was a sub teacher yesterday and we used the ball for crunches and leg workouts. I think I want one of those. It is so much easier to keep your form. I thought at first, this makes it too easy, then after about 10 I noticed, I felt the burn in a different way. Probably the right way. By the end, it was a better workout than the normal abs we do. Two of those days involved sex, it hurts my legs, I dunno about YOU all. I'm happy to be off tonight!

Poison ivy. Did you know it's rather difficult for people to contract poison ivy on the soles of their feet and palms of their hands? That is, unless you are me. I've come up with my own way of dealing with it. Since, patience is not in my vocabulary. I havn't gotten it this bad in a while, I have clusters of those nasty blisters. So, I put tea tree oil on them. It works on zits in a day or two, it dries them up. But, not fast enough, on the poison ivy blisters, those fuckers come back. My method: Poke each blister, and cluster with a pin until all the oozies come out, wash with HOT water until your hands lose feeling, apply fingernail polish remover to affected areas, and try not to pass out from the pain. Deep breathing helps. This stops the itching for a while. Cover with CalaGel. Turn the hair dryer on it full blast until you lose all feeling in your hand again. This takes care of the itch for several hours, so it's best right before bedtime. A little chemical burn never hurt anyone. And who needs nerves in their hands? You can barely see the lumps now. I'm brilliant. Or retarded.

We're having a silent auction at work. It's like live ebay. Some items are new, some are donated by employees. I freaking love it. I am the high bidder on 2 items, but I cant divulge them, as people I work with read this, and it's a secret. Some jerk-off keeps raising me 1 penny when I outbid them. So, I started doing it back. It ends at 3 today and I better get one of my freaking items. I let a few go. It's for charity, but I refuse to pay more than something is worth. Back-the-fuck-off! I know the suspense is killing you. Some dickhead is selling a rabbit pellet. It's not a wild rabbit either. I've never seen a white and black spotted rabbit in the wild. I kidded with my friends that I should have brought red paint and protested!!!! That's OK, no one is bidding on them. It's sick. There are also 2 rifles for auction. Yes..rifles. It clearly states on our door we are to leave our firearms in the car. The arguement is, that there is no ammunition, but anyone can buy bullets. I believe Wal-Mart sells them even to kids!


supplymadam said...

How did you ever come up with that plan for poison ivy? That's just too much. You crack me up.
On a more morbid note,my sister in law's nephew bought rifle at Walmart and use it to commit suicide 3 years ago when he was 18. There was nothing anyone could do to help his mother with the guilt. She is doing much better now and has 2 other children that also went through a great deal. Thank goodness they all went to grief counseling. It really helped them.

R said...

That's funny about going to the gym to have something to brag about. My sister in law and I used to call this girl "size 2" because no matter how much she "worked out" she was always a size 12. Never lost a pound, inch, size or anything.

Rachel said...

You can sell rabbit pellets on e-bay? Yippee! I'm rich! I hate poison ivy. On the soles of your feet and palms? Yuck. Good for you for challenging your body and pushing it during your workouts. When my abs are sore to begin with, I defintely am more "aware" of them during sex. Different positions burn more calories! LOL.