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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is Technology a Good Thing?...

The reason I had to work this weekend was because of Kinkos. I hadn't used them for months, because we got a new printer, but this is a 2,000 copy job, sort, 3 hole punch job. I'm not doing it. I'm on vacation, helloooo! So I called to have Kinkos do the work.

After having to submit my order online, which took me 45 minutes, I felt relieved that the job would be done for me, and ready to be put into the training books I've been working on. We have someone coming in to put them together while I'm away. So it arrives like 4 hours late on Friday, NOT 3 hole punched. AND missing one of the files. So, I had to insert a file in the middle of each of the sets, plus 3 hole punch them all. Had I not been on vacation at 4:30 they'd have gotten the damn job back to fix for themselves!

What else sucks thats automated? The auto checkout at the grocery store. You know you don't get a discount for checking out your own food, and bagging it. You put people out of work, but what do you get in return? Nothing. You get a computer telling you, your bagged item weight doesn't match the scanned item, and have to wait on a cashier to come rescue you anyways!

Ahh, vacation. I spent too much money today at Target. I also re-arranged my living room which took me 5 hours. I'm anal like that. I love new stuff! I purchased a microfiber cloth. Exciting? Yes! It cost $4, but this shit really works. It actually picks up dirt. And rinses clean. I love it. I also got CP some cute boxer briefs. He's sporting some tighty whities, that are like 2 sizes too big. He lost a bunch of weight yet, still wears the same draws. His butt was hanging down to his knees. Plus, I'm not liking the look of a brief, not my thang. He looks so cute in his new panties. I'm not allowed to call them panties either. But I did!

What else did I buy..new sheets! Love new sheets! 300 thread count. I'm living in the lap of luxury people! Their like silk! I love them! I also got my period after 4 months of freedom. That didn't cost me a thing. Lucky me. I'm officially a dork, because I spent time today stalking 2 squirrels, and a chipmunk. The bastards keep dumping my bird feeder, and stealing all the food. I caught them in the act. Did you know chipmunks climbed trees? I didn't, the fucker ran like nothing I'd ever seen and he sat on a branch and stared at me. Every time I chased the squirrels away, I'd go inside, and watch. They came right back! My birdie friends were afraid to come eat. They were in the trees chirping at the squirrels. I made noises, I threw rocks. I ran at them. By the end of the day I had to shake them off the tree and scream and run away. It's 6/6/06 folks, those shits could have been satan in disguise! It's war.

Sadly, my uncle died. My Momma's brother. He had been fighting cancer for 9 years. He was my Godfather. We didn't see him much, he lived in Florida. Mom was really upset, and I feel bad for her. Death is a rough thing, and each one is different that you have to deal with. Think happy thoughts for my Mommy. She isn't able to go to Florida for his memorial service, and I know that is hard on her.


Tayray said...

Sorry to hear about the loss! Its rough to go thru, tell your mama to hang in there!

Speaking of the creatures you like to feed out back, can you explain all the bird shit on my back porch??? ha ha ha

bethie said...

i'm sorry about the loss of your uncle and your brother, mama. he's no longer suffering from the pain of cancer though.
enjoy the rest of your vacation mon

Dave said...

We just had an experience at the auto checkout last night. The machine complained about some items that weren't covered by the food stamps. It took the cashier 10 minutes to get the machine to work right again. Meanwhile some guy behind us, who assumed we were bumbling idiots, decided to mouth off his expertise. I felt like punching him :)

Have fun on your vacation. Sometimes a serious loss helps us appreciate the beauty of life a lot more. If you can to that, nothing is boring--not even watching the grass grow :)

Celina said...

I HATE self checkout! I've only used it a few times & most of those times I've needed a cashier to fix some problem anyways! (Things would go much smoother if they'd just maintain the "10 Item" Rule in the "Express Lane."
I have some really nice sheets (400TC i think) I got on clearance years ago, and have been wanting to buy another set, but I REFUSE to fork out $60 for a set of sheets!
I have the same problem with THIS ONE DARNED squirrel! But, my birds don't mind eating seeds off the ground, so it's okay.
Sorry to hear about your uncle. It's hard to lose family.

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gggetmmm (get'em?)

Mon said...

Tayray: The birds must love you! I never see them over there.
Bethie: I'm having a blast!
Dave: auto check out sucks!
Celina: the sheets were on clearance for $20! I couldnt pass that up! Whats up with the long word verification lately?