"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Day The Music Died...

I'm taking a break from the past as I'm still important in the present, and I got stuff to say. This guy, Jim Shambo that use to work with me, Kat, and Bubba at the spank, died. He was the maintenance guy, and he was older but really cool. He had parties all the time and he'd pass out flyers. "Bring a bag and crash on the floor" His house was known as the underground theater, because he had all sorts of bands playing. You could pick up some sticks, or a washboard, and play along with the band. There were all kinds of people, burnouts, hippies, preps. Everyone got along, and there was never a fight. Some of our best memories were at his parties. The long, long lines for the toilet. Being afraid to eat the food cus they might have special ingredients. Stealing someones disposable camera, and getting the best pictures out of it. I'm going to the calling hours after workout with Bubba. Check out his website, and get to know a little about him. He was an awesome guy.

Shocker, I got poison ivy again. I knew it was getting it. I'm that brilliant. I dug out all these weeds in the back at the edge of the woods, cus we have too many bugs. At least I did on my side. Tayray can fend for her damn self! I had 1 glove so I did most of it with 1 hand, but I picked up all the weeds with both hands. My left hand has it even on the palm. My feet, my legs, neck, thighs, armpit. I love it. Don't believe what you read. To rinse in cold water and dont rub after being exposed to poison ivy. I still got it.

Saturday was about 87 I sweat sitting still. I went to aerobics, walked the dog, worked in the yard for 4 hours, and went to a bonfire with Kat, my brother, and Bubba. It was a road trip, to Streetsboro. We got a little turned around getting there. Bubba wrote the directions, I read them. She really said we had to go to the far left land. We had a killer time. They burned pallets, and our legs and faces in the process. The coolest dog was there, it was carrying this huge kids ball around in its mouth. Drunk people were chasing after her, and falling. Some people camped out there, mostly the falling drunks. Bubba kept trying to get people to smoke weeds. Literally. But people believed it, and said nooooo thanks. She gave Kat like 4 good peices of wood, and kat threw them in the fire. Is that ungrateful or what? Someone stole Kat's chair, and gave her a mini rescue helicopter in return. It's pretty bad ass, and a damn good trade!

We left around 1:30 and went to Denny's. Mind you, we were way out of town, like 45 min from home. There were some awesome hills that took your stomach- we laughed going up and down them. Next thing you know, we ended up in Cleveland. Which, is another 45 minute drive away from home from. We got home at 4:30 am. Kat and my brother crashed at my house. CP was spose to work until 6am. And he was in our kitchen in the dark. Hiding from me. His car was in the garage but I didn't now.

I left my cell phone at home, he never calls me from the gas station anyways, and I was with my only other peeps who'd have called me. He thought I was bringing some guy home so he was going to "catch me". As if I'd be stupid enough to do something like that. He was pretty pissed cus he got off early, and I was out. This is all speculation, he claims the only thing he was mad about was that I left my phone at home, and he got off early to suprise me and I wasn't there. I'm pretty certain he thought I was up to no good. I got up after 4 hours of sleep and layed on the air mattress and napped. Kat's ass was in my face, I asked her not to fart on me. I don't think she did. That's friendship!

I'll finish up my saga tomorrow. Things were getting too depressing anyways!

BIG BROTHER IS ON TONIGHT! You can vote your favorites back into the house! I love having control! I love Big Brother! I love TV!


Tayray said...

I don't need to weed by my side of the apartment. You are closer to the woods than I am. I like being in the middle!!
I don't get to watch big brother tonite, I have practice, so you'll have to tell the # to vote!

supplymadam said...

Wow Jim Shambo sounds like he was a really cool guy. Sorry about his passing.
I have to trim some bushes as well. i know there is some poison oak in there somewhere ecause I got it a couple of times. I will wait till later when it's not so hot and now we got a new electric hedge trimmer because we haven't replaced the one that crapped out on us 5 years ago.
I love cool dogs. My guy is a little hyper. Who am I kidding,he's a total nut job. But he gets away with it because he's cute and he has him moments.
Waht is it with guys thinking we are up to something? Maybe because they know how guys are?

Mon said...

Tayray: you vote online thru the 28th!!!
supplymadam: I think im going to invest in that ivy block stuff you put on before you work outdoors!
Men are like that! suspicious lol!