"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, June 12, 2006

I wouldn't say i've been missing it......

It's hard to believe it's back to work already! I'm suprisingly awake and alert. Of course, it is only 8:00 a.m. We caught a virus on the computer at home. That's fun.

Friday me and CP had a date! We went to see the Break Up. Which was a funny flick. The moral of the story was communication is key. Some old farts behind us talked the whole time every time Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaugn would fight, they'd say they were leaving, they couldn't stand it. Um, it's called the break up did ya think it was a love story?

Speaking of love, I miss my CP. You'd think I'd get to see him all the time, but I barely saw him at all last week. He kept telling me I was on vacation, not him. Yea, yea yea. Still! Him working that second job cuts into several days with his having to sleep it off, and being gone overnight. Bleh! I miss him a ton. Now I know how he felt with me always working. He really DID mean that he missed me!

Saturday I finished my projects set forth on vacation, the garage. I mopped my garage floor. Is it only a woman that would mop the garage floor? I dunno, it looks awesome! CP cleaned my car too! I went to his work and he did the carpets and upholstery. It looks like a brand new car, I love it! We went to a couple yard sales too. The crowning jewel that I found, was a bath spa. $4! The best $4 I ever spent! It's the kind that has a mat you sit on and tons of holes, and it is JUST like a jacuzzi. Except not as big, of course. The bubbles are so strong it jiggles the parts you don't wanna jiggle! It has heat too. I love it! Especially since the aerobics instructor on Saturday tried to kill us with her freaking leg workout. I couldn't even sit comfortably.

I took a nap with CP Saturday evening he had to work at 10pm. I slept pretty much the whole night until about 11. Then I got up and watched the end of Lost season 1 for the third time. We finally downloaded season 2 and I'll start that this weekend! The fools who don't watch Lost do not know what they are missing. I slept in with him yesterday til 2pm. Man, wasn't THAT nice!

I'm going to aerobics tonight, I'll go right after work so I'll have 45 minutes to walk, and do some weight machines before class. Tomorrow I'll be in for a world of hurtin! It's hard to believe I did this crap 5 days a week a year ago. But I can already tell my bodies changing. I don't think I'd lost all my muscle, it's already waking up! And it feels great! I logged all my steps in the woman's challenge, and I've averaged 13,000 steps a day. I've achieved active lifestyle status kids! We've trucked it to Missisippi!

Now that I'm back to work I have lots to do. My boss and coworker are going to a show tomorrow so I'll be just as busy this week as they were last week. Lucky me.

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Dave said...

Back in the saddle again. Here's to living life as it is and loving it!