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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Til Debt Do Us Part....

I don't really have much debt. But, my problem is my credit cards are too close to their limits. I only have 2. I have raised my credit score almost 100 points this past year. I guess that damn second job did me some amount of good! One thing that helped was having a loan in default removed in the amount of $4,000 that my EX husband got AFTER we were divorced. Nice. Always check your credit report!

Why can't I pay off my credit cards? Hmmm...well, I get charged more fees a month than my minimum payment would cover. That, blows! It's discouraging. I have 29% interest!! I pay double the minimum and it barely puts a dent in it! Plus, I got a cash advance um, 7 years ago, and I am charged a monthly fee for that as well. I havn't even activated either card in 6 years. I'm simply paying for shit I bought that long ago!

I...like many, have filed bankruptcy. This was back in 1999 and due to the fact that my asshole ex-husband up and left me with EVERYTHING, on $8.50 an hour, after running up both of our credit. (what's mine is yours!) We had no choice. Slap a foreclosure on top of that, add a dash of losing your job having your car repoed (and subsequently stealing one from your ex husband at work, with your dad's help, as it was titled to ME and my dad was the cosigner), and you come up with the perfect combination for shitty-ass-credit!!! (I do not recommend using this recipe)

My advice for any girl going through a divorce, is to soak that sumbitch for everything he's got! I was such an idiot! I thought I'd get him back by playing 'nice' with the divorce. I didn't get anything. I only requested spousal support to pay off past utilities!!!! DUMB ASSSSSSSS! I used his lawyer even though when I consulted one of my own, I could have gotten that dick for abandonment, and he'd have had to help me for much longer!

Why do I seem so bitter? That's a story that will never be told in one post. 7 years with that dill hole, and I put up with his physical, and mental abuse. Then, forgave him for having an affair. Twice. It wasn't so much that I was stupid, but that to me, marriage was forever, and I honestly thought we could get through anything. I had it bad for that boy, and I have never given myself to anyone as much as I did him ever since. I'll elaborate on that whole mess another day.

But now, 7 years later, no one will give me a loan to pay off my friggin credit cards. I can't get another card to transfer the balances to either. Not even from the bank I've been with for 16 years. So much for customer loyalty!

I dunno why either! I have a car, that I pay on time every month. So, twice in three years, I've paid it late, but within the grace period, so what! I got approved for a mortgage this year, you know, to buy a HOUSE. All by myself. Just me, no down payment, no co-signer. I got approved for my washer and dryer, that I paid off with 6 months same as cash, before the end of the loan. But I can't get any help paying off two measley credit cards?

CP was gung-ho on fixing his credit a while back. But, he lost his gung. Or, his ho, I dunno which. See, we're not getting married until our debt is fixed, that's my decision. Cus, of that what's mine is yours and all that crap! I don't want to start out being screwed, we'll get screwed enough once we get married.


hot for jr. said...

Hello sis!! Have you posted your steps yet?? I haven't checked this morning, but yesterday you hadn't. You started this thing!!
Having bad credit sucks big time!!

Celina said...

Bad Credit sucks! Especially when it USED TO BE pretty good. Before hubby & I ran up credit cards & "returned" our car--it wasn't repoed, I just told them it was a piece of crap & I wasn't going to pay for it anymore--COME AND GET IT(after 1.5 years of on-time payments, the transmission WENT OUT, completely), my credit was good enough to get me anything I wanted!
Now, we're slowly but surely working to pay off our debts (besides the car, which they will never see that $6000!!). It's a crappy way of doing it, but we're using student loans to pay off credit cards. I only have 1 semester left, though, so we're hoping to have them Paid In Full by Christmas. Of course, the loans will have to be paid off, too, but 5% interest ALWAYS beats 25%!!
Good luck! Oh, and I've commented on money & hubby before, and I really can't relate to your experience (horrible ex-hubby), but I knew that when R & I got married we would be combining our debts, and we would BOTH work to pay them off! I don't know if that would work for everyone, but I knew that entering into this marriage, we would have to ACCEPT everything about each other (good and BAD).

Dave said...

Don't tear yourself up so much. I had a very legal divorce. In Ohio the divorce is typically granted based on incompatiblity, regardless of who cheated on who, abandonment, or anything else. It is basically no fault divorce that doesn't incite moral outrage from the general public.

And when it is done with two good attorneys, almost everything is done according to precedent and existing formulas.

With that I can be reasonbly sure that, based on only being married for seven years, you would not have gotten much spousal support. Even with a really good attorney.

I sure hope you are able to come out of this mess on your feet. I know how hard it must be for you.


supplymadam said...

This woman I know kept her maiden name and when her and her husband racked up 60,000 worth of debt,he claimed bankruptcy and she was able to get credit.
I have credit card debt(who doesn't)and I try to pay as much as I can every month. Credit cards are dangerous.