"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 09, 2006

Late Night...

It took forever to load my stinking blog tonight. We're downloading Lost season 2. You know you're jealous! I love the internet! I'm intoxicated. Typing while drunk is like in slow motion. My fingers work way faster than the brain and I'm making a billion errors. I got a turkey burger goin on the foreman grill. It's 2:30 a.m. I'm feelin it!

I went to the Bier Haus with Kat, My brother and CP. Kat took me to dinner at my brothers work to cheer me up. Bad news about my bunny Chelsea. She needs surgery, that I can't afford at $1,000. We're trying to treat her medically but it won't get better more than likely. I brokedown at the vet. I'm done crying today so I got drunk. I hope she makes it on all the meds she is on but I can't afford surgery when it's not guaranteed to not come back.

On a more fun note, I kicked my brother, Kat, and CP's asses at that Silverstar bowling game at the bar. I made fun of everyone playing it until I became the master. They couldn't stand that I kept winning. Like it's my fault I am a bowling prodigy??? CP sang at karaoke. He owned the joint. Some skank told him to take it off. She's lucky I'm a nice gal. CP saw a guy there that's always there, who is in his drug rehab therapy for DUI. Classic, at the bar huh?

CP came home at 1:30 and I went back til closing. It was only me Kat and my brother in the bar. Fun times man! I'm gonna be hung over. Good thing I'm off on vacation. So I'm going to eat my turkey burger and watch an episode of Lost cus it's only the best show ever. It took me forever to type this short post. Alchohol is baaaaad m'kay? I lost a whole lit cigarette in the car, tomorrow that will piss me right off too!

Good thoughts for my Chelsea bear she is sick but i'll elaborate sober.


Dave said...

"We admitted to ourselves that we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives had become unmanagable."

A.A. first step

Celina said...

Hope you're not too hungover today! Sorry to hear about the bunny! It's so sad & scary when one of our "kids" gets sick!!

supplymadam said...

So sorry about Chelsea. I can sure relate. I had to use my credit card last year when my dog had surgery and then we found out there was nothing they could do for him so we had them put him down while he was under anastesia. 1,300 and no dog. But we do what we can.

Mon said...

Dave: I know all the steps, Dad was an alchoholic, ex husband, and ex boyfriend. I also know what alchoholism is, and it aint me!
Celina: I just had a mild headache.
supplymadam: that is what I'm afraid of, spending the money and having to put her down. She is comfortable now, and I'm going to treat her medically as long as she is enjoying her life. I try to tell myself that I rescued her for a reason. And she is living a spectacular bunny life while she is here.

Rachel said...

I'm so sorry about your bunny. I'm trying not to cry just reading your post. What's wrong with her? What kind of surgery? Are they optimistic with the surgery she could make a full recovery, or do they just not want to tell you the whole truth?

When my horse had chronic pneuomonia, one vet suggested surgery where they would remove part of his lung. He was 21 years old. I got a 2nd opinion and the other vet told me not to put him through that. It would be too painful and his chance of recovery were just too slim. We just put him on antibiotics and made him comfortable until it was time. Surprisingly, it was the arthritis that got him in the end. It made me feel better to know I had done all I could for him.

If it's a money issue, how much do you need? We could start a fundraiser. I'm sure others would contribute. I certainly would.

I hope Chelsea gets better. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Michelle said...

Damn..nice comment, Dave, seemed uncalled for.Why can't Mon or anyone else for that matter get tipsy?? Sorry about your bunny :( Heres a hug hug if it helps :)< ♥ >(:

Samsara said...

["And be careful not to brand him as an alcoholic." A.A. Basic text pg. 92]

{{Mon}} Oh many hugs to you and for Chelsea too. This makes me sad. Of course I'll have good thoughts for Chelsea!! :)

Mon said...

Rachel: that is so sweet of you, thank you! I'm going to post about her problem, I guess I never elaborated on it.
Michelle: thank you, its always nice when people care!
Samsara: thank you, we need all the positive energy we can get!