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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Domestically Challenged...

Somehow, I got this brilliant idea, that during my 1 mile walk before my 1 hour aerobics class, I would exit the track, and go down 23 steps, then, up 23 steps, and continue walking the track. I did those God damned stairs 14 times. I somehow figured this would be easier than doing the machines, and just add to my walk. And, while it tired me at the time, it didn't bother me during the class too much. Today? I hurt. I hurt badly. And today? Step aerobics. More freaking steps! Funny thing, I found out yesterday a MAN use to teach the class on Thursdays. That just seems funny to me. C'mon girls!!!

I watched The Hills Have Eyes on DVD. Mind you CP was over so I need to re-watch it, he kept um, interrupting me. I had to pause it cus I knew when the disturbing stuff was coming up, and you don't want to be messing around with your fiance, while a girl is getting raped. Maybe you do....maybe it's your thing, but to me, yeck. Shuts me right down!! I think it wasn't as awful the second time, cus I was with a man, at home, with lights on, and I didn't have to go outside in the dark and think you locked your keys in the car and are stranded at midnight with Kat, your domestically challenged friend. I'll watch it again all the way thru and get back to you.

Kat invited me and my brother over for a cookout last weekend. So, she tells us it's gonna be fun, and she'll buy all the food, and drink. She lures me over with promises of chicken, and rum, for which I never saw any of btw. Firstly, I wanted some water out of her frig-i-dare door. It was broken.
She told me to "get some from the faucet, it's good".
She didn't have any ice. The ice maker is broken. I asked if she'd ever heard of an ice cube tray? She told me to have some pop, when I went to open it, she said
"I dunno if you want it though, it's warm."
So I had a baby sized evian water. I drink like a gallon of water a day mind you. And had to drink beer, I didn't really like (Molson) it was the only cold thing. So then she is gonna cook the corn, in a tiny pot that doesn't even cover 1/2 a cob of corn.
"We'll just have to flip it over, it's the only pot I have"
I said the middle isn't going to cook! She kept stating how she is not very domestic.

I told her she is domestically challenged. She needs a T-shirt. Eventually she found a bigger pot for the corn. Meanwhile my brother is trying to cook the burgers on the grill outside. And, it's taking forever. Cus....the propane ran out. Then Kat says she thought the corn was done, like, 5 times. And I finally asked if she took it off the stove.
"No. it's still boiling." She said.
Everything did however, turn out to be delicious! Then, she cleans and re-greases her cast iron skillet. Which.... seems domestic to me. And, me and Bubba showed Kat how to achieve good cleavage this weekend. That seems pretty domestic, right?

What I can't do, is I can't cook an egg to save my life. I can scramble them, but I can't boil them. I end up with eggs cooking outside the shell in the water, hard yolks, or half cooked yolks. I have to make a whole dozen to get 3-4 good eggs out of the batch. I don't know the secret. If I cook them right, then the shells don't come off well. I know their done by spinning them. I have an 'egg timer' but you know that stupid thing doesn't have any settings on it for a hard boiled egg. It's just a kitchen timer. Whey the fuck do they call it an egg timer?

I think everyone has something their really good at, and something their really bad at in the home. I think I'm excellent at time management, and multi tasking. But then again, I am a woman! It comes natural. I don't enjoy cooking. I do it, and I'm good at it, but it doesn't bring me happiness. Now, all this talk has made me crave meatloaf and mashed potatos, and corn. That's my comfort food. Plus, I think I have PMS. I always crave the cow at that time. Mostly, it makes me sick to think about. Weird. So, how are you domestically challenged?

And, can you believe it's June 29? Where the hell did June go?


Tayray said...

I can cook some awesome lasgana, meatloaf, and meatballs.
I don't know where June went, seems to me like this year is flying on by!

dazed said...

Hey- Egg Tips:

1. Don't take the shells off until the eggs cool. Pop them in thr fridge or in a bowl of cold water for a while. ALSO- the fresher the eggs, the harder to get the shells off. Seriously.

2. Put the eggs in the pan first, then add cool water, and a pinch of salt. Then boil. If you put a cold egg into boiling water, it cracks. If you must boil first, try putting the eggs in with a soup ladle so they don't hit the bottom and crack open. Otherwise you have Egg Drop Soup.

3. I ALWAYS boil my eggs for longer than 10 minutes, sometimes 15 minutes. I boil them forever if I have to, because I get so freaking pissed when they are not done. I usually use them for salad topping, potato salad, or deviled eggs.

4. I am sure you think I am an egg freak now. LOL. Way to introduce myself to your blog. Ha ha.

supplymadam said...

I love to cook mainly because I love to eat.
Umm good egg tips there dazed. I was going to same the same exact thing about putiing them in before boiling plus even leaving them out for a little while before boiling and adding the salt. You can also add ice to the water to speed up the cooling process. I do that with shrimp and potatoes when making potatoes salad.
But nothing beats a good italian sauce. I too make a mean lasagna.
I am domestically challenged in the cleaning dept. Don't get me wrong my house is quite clean it's just that I need advance notice if someone is coming over to straighten up.

Mon said...

Time flies when your having fun. Stop having so much damn fun!

Welcome! Egg freak? Nah - knowledgable, yes! I will try this the next time I boil eggs. I'm a tad bit impatient, so putting them in before boiling would actually be better for me!

I heard using ice water to speed up the cooling helps. I'm a bit stingy with my ice cubes. I use a billion and one per glass of my beverage. But, if it helps the eggs, it's all for the best!