"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 02, 2006

Free At Last!! Free At Last!!....

I'm a free woman! I went home at 4:30 after work. It was freaking thrilling! It was raining, so me and Tayray didn't walk. I cleaned my whole upstairs in 3 hours. It was still a wreck from the party last weekend. I went to bed at 11:30 which is early for me! I got up early, and got to work on time! Good things happen when you don't work 2 jobs. Yoo hoooo! CP got a friggin car. A probe with 190 THOUSAND miles on it for $650. Like we could afford that. He borrowed the $ from work. His other car was a bigger heap than this one, so whatever. He likes driving a heap and owning it. I prefer to ride in style and pay for it. He took me for ice cream in his own car, and even opened the door for me like a gentleman. So, that was nice! You know, doing what regular folks do. In the daylight.

Now that I quit my second job, CP is starting a second job on Monday. He's only working 2 nights a week, so it's not as bad. It'll be good for us financially. Let's see how long he can hang at 2 days vs. my 5. Of course he is going to work Saturday nights. So, I'll be able to participate in some girls nights with no flack from the man. Hey, I try to get him to play with his friends! His 'me time' he likes to spend on the computer playing that stupid game. He says it's social for him so, to each his own as they say!

Tonight is the ghost hunt at Rogues Hollow. Its from 9p.m. to 3 a.m. We tried going there a few times for free, but the person who stays in the mill to keep an eye on things let the dog chase us away. Too bad I just watched that movie abominable last night. Cus my Momma said it was good. It was OK. But I hope those guys don't live in Doylestown. I'm looking for ghosts, not monsters m'kay? My sister was suppose to go, but we all remember that they stood me up for vacation, right?

I'm on vacation next week. It's ok to be jealous, I would be too. Am I going anywhere? No. But I'm not working! I'm starting back to the gym on vacation, taking walks, organizing my closets and my garage, going to the movies by myself (which I love!), taking the dog and the rabbit to 2 different vets, and you know what? For some reason this excites me. I would have thought I was a total loser 5 years ago. But I'm perfectly content to do this shit now. I'm mature like that.

I will most likley be working over today, the last day before vacation I have a ton of shit to get done. I'm working on training manuals, 60 of them. I have help coming in today, hopefully we crank out as much as we can. I dressed up on dress down day cus it's so humid you can drink the air, and I'll be slaving away in receiving. With no A/C! Well, as long as they don't shut our internet off I'll also be blogging, and surfing blog explosion. Which is my computer addiction.

Anyone else think this is freaking incredible? The story of the two girls that were in an accident and one died, and they had their identities mixed up?


supplymadam said...

As usual fun reading. Enjoy your new found freedom. Isn't it great to be able to get things done in your own life? Good luck with the manuals and all the other things you have planned.
Those 2 girls that got mixed up? Incredible is right. I can't even imagine. Even her parents didn't recgonize her. I can't even phathom what they felt when they found out their daughter was really dead. So sad. Alot of emotions going on there for both sets of parents.Enjoy the weekend. Company picnic Sunday at Belmont racetrack Better not rain. I want to pet the horses.

Mon said...

It is amazing what you can get done, before I worked two jobs I thought I never had any time. This really made me appreciate what time I do have!
That sounds fun, having your picinic at the races! Horses are so sweet!