"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lost In Manslation....

I watched that new show last night "How to get the guy". It is a reality type show, where dating coaches help chicks pick up guys. Me and CP laughed our asses off. Dating sucks! It especially sucks for women. Although, having watched that, I'd hate to be a guy and have to be the one to pick up the chicks all the time too. It seems way too stressful! On that show, I heard my new favorite word. Manslation. As in, a mans translation for things. I kept asking CP to manslate things last night.

And, then this morning. I bought myself those cute hanes boxer briefs. Their only slightly longer than the 'boy short' underwear I wear 99% of the time, that the man just loves. They are excellent for a girl having her monthly visitor, because you don't get pad in your butt, and your draws don't shift around on you. So, I'm standing at the sink, brushing my teeth in my T-shirt and boxer briefs. CP comes up and starts rubbing my butt as he often does when I'm brushing my teeth. Then he felt the need to tell me, that those underwear didn't flatter my figure. I guess in the grand scheme of things, he worded it politely. I let him know that I wasn't trying to be flattering while on my period. Thanks anyways. Manslation? They probably make my butt look big. It's the whole wearing underwear in the tanning bed theory. I swear that it makes your naked butt look smaller, because there is a break up of color. Works for me.

I'm thinking about getting another second job. Crazy? Nah! The Movie Gallery 1 mile from my house is hiring. If I can work 3 days a week it's way better than 5, and it can't be that difficult to watch movies, and check people out, right? The bad part of that is I always fear seeing someone I know, and them thinking "that's what she's done with her life?". Ugh. I dunno. I am jonesing from the cash flow withdrawl. It's hard to be out a second income! Especially when you have sick pets! I havn't saved anything to pay back to the fed's either. They can suck it.

Aerobics kicked my ass. I walked a mile before class. I am fairly certain they fixed the a/c in there! I felt cold air and saw the fans moving in the vents above! Last year, we all nearly died in the heat there! It was cruel and inhumane! Tonight I am going to friggin' interval's class. It's step, and weights. Why? Because I'm a good friend! Kat wants to check it out, and I'm sacrificing my personal body for her well being. It's going to kill me, especially when I have to go to aerobics tomorrow too. I didn't take this class until I had gotten 'use' to aerobics and was doing the hops and jumps. But, what doesn't kill me will inevitably make my butt look smaller!


hot for jr. said...

Are you watching 'the 4400'. Anyone watching? I really missed it and I'm glad it's back. I love a show that has you wishing the week away so you can see what happens next!!

Rachel said...

I couldn't handle a 2nd job. Too much stress. You're such a hard worker. Way to go for aerobics and ass-kickings! I know all about that. Boo to CP for the insensitive ass-comment. Men are stupid. My guy knows better (after 9 years) not to say things. It irritating sometimes when I need an opinion!

Hope Chelsea bunny is doing okay. I've been thinking about her.

Mon said...

jr: Yes I'm watching the 4400! I like it more since their from the future, and not aliens. unless...the future IS all aliens dun dun dunnnnn....I'm sad lily died! That wasnt right, stupid kids!
Rachel: Why thank you, I like to keep busy. I have a hard time relaxing w/o feeling guilty! Chelsea is acting like she's her silly self. Hope she continues that way!! I have to take her back periodically for an ear cleaning.