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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Crazy Cat Lady....

I'm exhausted! Workout was awful cus of the heat, but it felt good. She played a bunch of Madonna songs, so it kept me going going going! I cleaned from 7-10 I got a lot done! So remember I dreamt Bubba got attacked by leatherface at an amusement park that turned out to be greenhouses? Last night I was on a ride with reindeer, water, and TWDSO, who missed me, terribly. I decided they were both bad, since TWDSO was in it, even if he didn't get hacked by a chainsaw weilding maniac, it was bad. (To have a bad dream with an amusement park in it, indicates that you have a problem overcoming your fear of physical risk (the rides).)

So, last week, I came home from work and my downstairs living room screen is bent in half, the metal is broken, and it's torn half out the window. WTF? CP was home. My first thought was he locked himself out and had to get in the window. It would be hard as I have a table and cupboard in front of it, but I digress. He said he left it the way he found it, for me to see cus it was that way when he got home. This happens, after there was some armed person last week running the streets. And, a sweeper salesman walked into Tayray's next door. So, I think someone broke in, right? CP said no one took anything, he checked. So I walked around, checked the doors, checked my change bank, jewelry, etc... nothing out of the ordinary. It just so happened to be the night CP was working all night at the gas station. I was all alone.

That night, around midnight, I heard my cats downstairs, making a godawful racket, banging, screeching, fighting noises. I have a very cohesive cat family, fighting never breaks out. So I run downstairs to see what is going on because this sounds seriously violent! They are all just sitting there on the floor, tails puffed up, eyes wide, looking at me as though I was the lunatic for running down there and interrupting their noise making. Ghost? I didn't know or care. I went back upstairs.

The next day, CP and I are in the throws of passion, and I hear bang! ....bang! ....bang! And the yowling cats, and fighting noises, horrible noises, like cats being attacked! I leave CP high and dry and run downstairs. ...bang! ....bang! My cats take off running. And there it was...a cat that our old neighbors left behind when they moved. THROWING itself at my open front door, like it was his job. It was jumping and pummeling into the door, over and over, while making some horrible noises. I had to open the door and chase it off! WTF was wrong with it? Rabies? It seemed out of it's damn mind.

I know it isn't the cats fault it's asshole owners left it behind to fend for itself, but I have 4 cats already, don't guilt me into taking in these cats Oh k? I'm guessing I had a cat burgular. Of the feline kind. Now I can't even have the shit open when I'm home? Tayray said last year the cat jumped and hung on her screen trying to get at her cat. What do I do about the cat? I can't take it to the pound, that's just cruel! And, I'm not encouraging it to hang around either! But I can't live an entire summer with a half mad cat running around, harassing my kids. Maybe I'll call Carl Munday (our local investgative reporter) to get to the bottom of it. He can track down it's owners and embaress them on TV. I am going to try to get it on video, it's that freaking insane.
I always knew I'd be the crazy cat lady, but not at 30, and not because a cat is driving me crazy either!

Since I never got that nutjob cat on video, here's a splendid production featuring my cat Fizzgig, joined by her son Pickachu. I call this one "Clean Sheets". I might lend my services out for a fee, I'm quite the cinematographer. Ha. Really, the cats go nuts when I change the sheets and attack them for no reason, jump under the sheets, roll around. When I got the camera out, they tried to pretend they were shy. What. Ever.


hot for jr. said...

My cats go nuts when I change the sheets too. Miss Ashley has to be on them, and tries to get under them. I guess they are just like people. They love clean sheets!!

Mon said...

They were acting nuts until I got the camera out then tried to pretend they were good cats or something! Kids!

supplymadam said...

That is so sad those cats were left behind. Can you find a cat rescue group or something? How can they fend for themselves when they are not used to it. Sometimes these groups will lend you a trap and come pick them up. I hate people.

Celina said...

He's probably attracted to your sexy girl cats! We used to have this happen at our old house. I'd take him to the shelter (it's possible that they'll find a home for him).

Rachel said...

Hmmm. Is he fixed? If he IS sick, animal control should probably take the poor guy away. I know what you mean though. I NEVER take strays to the pound. (I do feed them though). I wish I could take them all in! I know what you mean about having too many though!

Mon said...

I actually did call the no kill rescue groups in our area, I got some numbers from where I got my bunnies.They say they have no room. Most of them use fosters until they can be adopted, my guess is no one wants a crazy cat in their house, anymore than I do. I feel bad for him, it's not like me to dislike a cat, but he is terrorizing my perfectly behaved kitties! Tayray use to feed him. Now I think he stalks the birds that I feed.

He is attracted to my cats. I dunno if he is fixed he isn't friendly he is practically feral.

I hear fights all the time outside with the cat, he might get rabies from something, we have raccoons, and skunks and possums. We live along the woods, lord knows what he gets into back there! Some day I'll have a billion cats, first I need a billion dollars to feed them all.