"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Almost Paradise...

I had the most horrible dream! Me and Bubba went to an amusement park, so we thought, and paid to get in. The girl running it looked pretty shady. We got in and it turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of run down greenhouses. We looked inside one and it stunk really bad, and I turned to leave and the woman running it pushed Bubba inside, and I ran. I hid on the side under a peice of metal, and here comes Leatherface, from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!! He went in, chainsaw blazing, to kill Bubba. I heard her screaming, and I sat outside and hid! I dunno if she died, cus I woke up, scared shitless. I had to smoke and have some water to calm down! Um, if that really happened Bubba, uh, I wouldn't run. I'd uh, sacrifice my own body to save you, k? Yea.

So yesterday was the big 1 year anniversary for me and CP. Imagine that. A whole year, with no problems at all! HA! That was funny. He took me out on a date, which is a rare thing, but something he will be doing more of he says. He picks me up and opens the car door and everything. We went to that Jimmy Buffet place, Cheeseburger in Paradise, cus that's how we roll! High class and everything! They had the best pina colada's, and I hate them! It tasted like pineapple sherbet, it was delicious! I had a goombay smash. And they all come with these little fruits made into animals or birds with sunglasses. My food was awesome, I had a chicken wrap. Our waitress brought us ice cream for our anniversary too. There was a live band...or, man, who of course played Buffet, but other stuff too. When they sang Cheeseburger in Paradise, all the wait staff sang along. CP did too, while he ate his cheeseburger in paradise. Classic.

This place is right across from where TWDSO works, and I saw his stupid ass car there, I hoped he didn't decide to head over for a drink after work. To see him would have just been perfect! We went back to my house and I got a 1/2 hr massage. He even used the oil my sister made, which by the way felt amazing! It put my butt to sleep! And that's...the end! A year?

After work I had to rush home and wash the dishes, mop the kitchen, clean the dog pee in the laundry room, give her a potty pad, change her water, give her a new baby (a.k.a squeaky toy), let the dog out, feed the cats, clean the litter boxes, and get Chelsea into her carrier and off to the vet in 15 minutes! THAT my friends, is time management at its best! I got to the vet on time, and had to wait 1/2 hour until I was seen. My appointment was at 5:30 and I left at 7:05! I was the only new appointment too. It was just my vet there, everyone was sick, and they had emergencies. It's the only exotic hospital for hours, she said there were a lot of sick birds. It was funny to me to see people come out with their birds, and baby talk to them. I dunno why, as I stood there with my bunny, doing the same thing.

Chelsea had her abscess flushed. Dr Stewart said that it was not near as bad this time, as it was before, and just to keep on with her ear meds, and call next time it needs flushed and we'll keep at it. Chelsea seemed to feel better after the gunk was out. Poor girl!

More time management for me today at lunch, I have to run to order contacts, look for new glasses (mine are only 10 years old), buy a shirt while I'm there to workout in, and eat. All that, in 45 minutes. With a 20 minute drive there and back. Wish me luck! I can finally get back to exercising tonight. I have a ton of stuff to get done at home after that. I've been slacking !


supplymadam said...

Wow sounds like you and CP had a great anniversary. You seem to manage alot with your time. It's always something. Glad to hear Chelsea's ear wasn't that bad this time around. You're a good mom!

Mon said...

Supplymadam: ahh, thank you!

Rachel said...

Glad to hear Chelsea is doing better.

You got a 1/2 hr massage? We had our 6 yr wedding anniversary this weekend, and I didn't get no massage!

Anonymous said...

Im late posting a comment as usual...but I just wanted to say that after mon got over her delirium of the 1/2 hour massage i got one in return. On my feet, my favorite place. she even did between the toes. I loved it. And yes, i will be taking her out a little more often, but not too often or it will just become a routine.

Mon said...

damn! you got jipped! LOL! It was heavenly! It isn't like it happens all the time, and he did ask what I wanted...

Gee. You're real anonymous with that comment CP. Nice of you to drop in to see how I talked about you on our anniversary. *chuckle* You forgot that I had to first clip your long ass toenails, as to not cut myself. Now THAT is love people!