"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, December 11, 2008

World Domination.....

Today is my two year anniversary at my job. I proudly display my anniversary card on my cube wall. Two years, I felt way over qualified for my hired position "secretary" and far underpaid, but while working two jobs, and looking for a new one, I still worked hard to excel and now I'm the boss. I'm also lucky that my company has an entire department dedicated to training just the home office. (and another for the field) I have had the opportunity to take tons of classes, and gain valuable management skills that look fantastic on a resume. Yesterday I learned coaching, counseling, and termination.

Back to my anniversary. Our senior VP always sings us the "happy anniversary" song, and I get sooo excited when she says "I have an announcement everyone gather 'round". I get excited for everyone. It happens to also be contagious. People like that about me, even if they joke with me that I am easily exciteable. I put a smile on their faces with my child-like antics. And my stupid dance I do. It's my trademark.

I think of it as I find the joy in the little things. Life is way happier when you live for the small moments, vs. waiting for the big ones. The big ones are few and far between and then you spend too much time being disappointed. That's my optimism class for today, grasshoppas.

At work we have a cafeteria. It's like a big restaurant and deli and grill with a salad bar, and lots of drinks, and coffee, and pop. I always get a breakfast for 95 cents you get an egg, turkey sausage, and toast. Well with the economy, they decided to outsource it. A company called Parkhurst is coming in to take over. All our employees are staying, but we get a makeover.

In said makeover, comes a bakery (carbs), pizza bar (carbs), Stir fry station (carbs), and a STARBUCKS! *screeeeech* Did I say Starbucks? Downstairs? Um, yea I am going to be in some serious trouble with that. Calories. Whenever I want a carmel frapuccino light (but still a billion calories) I just have to get up and walk downstairs. No getting in the car. No scraping the car.

This is all almost as bad as having a jewelry store at work. That you use to improve bad days by buying diamonds. Oh wait, we do. (I happen to have just bought myself these earrings. I traded up my 1/10th ct round solitaires, to 1/4ct princess. What an improvement! I'm trading up once more next year)

So, whenever this biological war strikes that has been in the news. You know where I'll be? At work. We have the second only to fort knox vault here, which is sure to withstand any germies spread out into the air. We have plenty of food, starbucks, TV, showers, and a gym. I dunno bout the rest of you, but I'll be here to press on in the future. Too bad I'm not going to help repopulate. But, I will help with the animal kingdom. Sign me up for that. If you want, I can start a contest like Paris Hilton, to see who wants to be my new BFF, and your prize (besides hanging with me of course) can be to come with, and live through the devestation. I think second place, can have all my jewelry, but you don't get to hunker down, so it won't do you much good. How's that for optimistic?

But, if that happens I might stop working out and be fat and lazy. Yesterday? I worked out three times. 45 min at lunch, 45 min after work, and 45 min bootcamp. I'm trying to still lose weight after eating crap and drinking a boatload. Wish me luck.

P.S. I won a freaking contest over at Lbluca's blog! Me! A winner! How freaking cool is that? Now, I get to have my own contest. Stay tuned, because I will do one. I can promise one thing, my package will come with cat hair. That's an added bonus, and you don't have to thank me for it.


Damsel Underdressed said...

Parkhurst?! My client's husband's family owns that company! They own all of the Eat 'N Parks here in Pittsburgh. I'm willing to bet that you will get some healty choices too. Said husband had an early in life heart attack and is now a health conscience freak. He is responsible for healthier selections appearing on the Eat 'N Park menu.

Fizzgig said...

yeaa, I saw eat n park on their website, but I think the only time I ate there I was 3 sheets to the wind so I don't remember. That's exciting, cus we don't have many healthy choices other than salad. And that gets old!

babylamb said...

Happy Anniversary!
Also stay away from the startbucks. I love SB this time of year they have a great peperment white chocolate mocha. YUMMY! Good think SB is so far away from me now.

Alexa said...

woo to the hoo!

congrats on the anniversary!! maybe man friend will get you a big diamond for your left finger some day. heehee

Mike said...

Hey, it sounds like your job is rather tolerable. I've had some jobs that I've absolutely dreaded going to every day.

So@24 said...

We get certificates for being at our jobs every year???

This is bull! Where is my prize??

Fizzgig said...

i have successfully curbed starbucks only because id have to drive there. it scares me.

Yea, well, I think some day....Once i pay off my acct though I think im getting me a 3 stone diamond for the right hand. I want some b to the ling. And i know i love me enough to be with me forever.

works pretty cool! I have no complaints.

then i shouldnt mention we also get free lunch. Up to a $5 value even!!! lol

Erin said...

Wow, I want to work where you do!! We used to have something like that at Carnival Cruise Lines when I worked there and I swear I gained 20 pounds - but it was a happy 20 pounds!!

WTG on winning the contest - that is awesome!