"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Girl Talk....

This isn't really a complaint. But, the manfriend has broken several of my bras. It happens when you flirt incessently while you are out together. You know how, sometimes you just gotta have something? Like when you are a kid at Christmas and wrapping paper is the only thing in between you and the Christmas bliss that is your favorite gift? While I find it to be just heavenly to be said Christmas gift, my wrapping paper isn't three for $5 at the local pharmacy. Nor, can I just go to the pharmacy and buy said wrapping paper, as they don't carry my size in the stores but once in a blue moon! Unless I go here for a BOGO sale, and they just don't make them as cute. I typically buy wrapping paper once a year at the semi annual sale. Otherwise, I wait to buy wrapping paper at semi-annual sales.

Granted I have about 10 bras lying around, but like a typical woman, I have just as many things that don't fit me as things that do fit me. Not to mention, there are different styles for different occasions, outfits, etc. It's essential to have a wide variety. I've been walking around with my bras hooked onto different levels of hooks, because some hooks seem to have been yanked out. Know what I mean? In the manfriends defense, most of my bras have 4 hooks, and they are like reinforced because you gotta pull out the big guns to hold up the uh, big guns.

I'm definately not complaining, because, I absolutely love that sort of passionate expression...saying anything negative would be almost as bad as someone complaining that a guy lasts too long. Huh? You just have to wonder how bad it must be to not want more of it? I have no complaints in this area. Not. A. One.

P.S. Kat wants me to go rock climbing. I think this looks like a fun new adventure!

P.S. S. Some girl flicked off the bootcamp nazi last night in class. Because she kept making us do jumping jacks until EVERYONE did ONE set the right way. People do modified. We were on like, 400 and this chick was refusing to do a set of 10 regular. One of the other girls encouraged her and told her we weren't going to stop until she did it, and please do it. She finally did, then she announced that it's "fucked up" and flicked the instructor off. Behind her back.

P.S. S. S. A new guy joined bootcamp. He lasted 10 minutes and left. Boys are weak. Sorry, but it's true.


Narm said...

Send him to bra hook boot camp. There he will learn the ancient Chinese "One Handed" method. Or buy some bras that snap in the front so it is easier access.

Alexa said...

i think that he needs to buy you some new wrapping paper for christmas - STAT!

you break it, you buy it right? ha

Slick said...

LOL...darn Mon, you went from bras to wrapping paper back to bras. :)

I would've lasted like 2 minutes so give that guy some credit!

lizziebelle said...

hahaha wrapping paper.

is mountain climbing code for hooking up with a big boobed girl?

i will take my head out of the gutter now.

Maxie said...

I always buy my VS bras on sale too-- they're too damn expensive to buy full price!

Fizzgig said...

the boy can usually do the one handed gig, if this doesnt work, instead of using two hands sensibly, he tears them apart. boys.

that's what i think, its only fair.

I give him lots of credit, he deserves

its actually rock climbing. lol.

no doubt, but you do get what you pay for where bras are concerned!

Heather said...

Haha. I've never had to wear my hooks on different levels. But I have tried to sew the part in between the cups once. I don't sew. It didn't work out very well.

Yes. Boys are weak. In college, we had to watch an autopsy. It was a class of girls with one boy. The only person to faint was the boy.