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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Getaway...

Happy Birthday to my Momma today!

We were going to go to a cabin like we did last year, (pics included in this link) for my birthday. Remember, we had to change it to the weekend before, because my manfriend has to catsit this week for his mom. (cute, or what? cute!) It was a different place, last year was in amish country, and 3o min from my place. This was in Southern Ohio, and about an hour and a half drive. But, owned by a former coworker/friend so we decided to go here. Plus, it is bigger, and the plan was to get a bunch of people to go, but my friends kinda all missed the bus on this one, except for my neighbors (friends first, convienently neighbors) that went with.

My weekend started on Thursday, when my manfriend came to spend the night with me. Love that! We got up on Friday, and I had to go to Planned Parenthood and pick up my birth control. (this year, I'll have insurance and go to a real live Dr. and have a real live prescription that I can get filled at a near-by real live pharmacy!!!!!!!) And took my dog to the vet. $115 later, I got a different type of ear medication, and more antibiotics. They said she probably doesn't have lymphoma since she's lived a year since they said that, and it's probably some metobolic problem did I wanna test her? I said she's 13. I want her to be comfortable. I swear they try to guilt you into stuff. Then we went shopping for our food and alchohol. After which the cutest thing occurred.

We had the dog with us, and when we got back in the car we smoked, and rolled the windows down, it's winter. In Ohio. =BRRRRRRR.... The manfriend was adjusting and feeling the vents for a while and I asked what he was doing and he said my dog was shivering. He was aiming the warm air vents at her in the back. Seriously? I teared up. We know that my pets are like my kids. And even though she stank up the whole car with her bacteria ears, he still cared enough to warm up her little butt.

After a while at home, the manfriend decided he wanted some champagne. Which did sound good. So he went and got us a couple bottles and we had some bubbly and watched a movie.

As I mentioned yesterday, when we went to the cabin we forgot our alchohol. We, meaning, the manfriend and myself. The neighbors and had their alchohol. (beer) Which I am quite proud that I didn't succomb to it's temptaions. *pats self on back* The menfolk took off directly to get alchohol, leaving me and Tayray behind. In pretty much the middle of nowhere. Alone. With no TV (and couldn't get a radio station) so we put in a DVD. I put in cursed. You know, that movie about werewolves? Then I put in Scream. That's when it started to get dark, and we hoped the men came back soon, so we didn't get scared.

Note the lack of civilization around. Luckily they came right as it got dark

The menfolk came back and we commenced drinking. I hadn't ate yet, so it sure didn't take long to get the buzz on. Tara made delicious tater tot casserole. I caught her and her guy talking about using deer meat in it when I went outside once. Then they swore to me they didn't. To each his own but I don't have the desire or need to ever eat bambi. It's bad enough to eat cows for me.

This is going up to the third floor

I love to play uchre. (sp?) The manfriend doesn't know how to play. He can fix my christmas tree with a skewer, and a nail file (he totally did! No more lean!) but doesn't know how to play cards. So I haven't played in over a year. Poor me, right? Cus, I kinda excel at this game, and I'm an awesome partner. We tried to school him Saturday night, but I was trying to teach him with all our hands up, which to me is the easiest way to learn, and Tara's man wouldn't cooperate. He wanted to just play it out. So we had to forgoe the game altogether.

The living room from the kitchen.

So obviously we just drank more! And, played beer pong. Which, I substituted with a concoction of vodka, rum, sprite and fruit punch. More enjoyable than vodka on the rocks. But also, way more calories. And, you also get tipsy a lot faster than with beer. I think at 7:00 we were all like "it's only 7:00???????" Felt like at least midnight! Damn!

The upstairs living room

Where we watched movies

We woke up on Sunday and made a big breakfast for all of us. We had turkey bacon, hash browns, toast, and eggs. All with cheese of course. Then Tara and Todd packed it up and went back home. They were having Thanksgiving or something. For real. Me and the manfriend, stayed in our PJ's, and watched a billion movies all day! I didn't have service except at the front door on my celly. So Sunday my phone died from searching for service. I was cut off from the world. I didn't even mind. We only left (in our Pj's) to get milk so the manfriend could enjoy a mondo bowl of fruity pebbles. (I had a sugar free jello....sigh..)

Todd and the manfriend

The place we stopped to get milk, (and beer) had a vending machine of bait outside. (see picture below) Also in said vending machine, next to the worms, and maggots, and grubs, were Grandma's Peanut butter cookies, and Combos. That sure got the appetite going. The place was also a turkey and deer place where they tag and weigh your kill. So, when you walked into this "market" you are inundated with boards of pictures of murdered deer and turkeys. So, if the bait machine didn't totally gross you out, the carcass pictures surely will. Yea, I eat turkey every day but I don't take pictures of them first. GROSS.

Todd, Me, and the manfriend. He didn't really touch the ladies.

On the way back from the store is when we saw the horsie. It ran after us as we drove by. So the manfriend backed up for me to go pet it. Having a manfriend who doesn't stifel your love for living things? Priceless!!!

We watched Storm of the Century which is aStephen King movie I watch in the winter when I'm snowed in usually. Cus, its like 4 hours long. We also watched Cold Mountain, which the manfriend hadn't seen. And if you have, you know, the ending blows. So he told me that about 10 times. I am pretty sure I told him it was a tragic love story! We watched more movies but I don't remember them. I remember snuggling with my guy. He made us a yummy dinner, chicken breast and brown rice. I even had seconds! We also looked at the stars, and how they are even brighter than at my house. Where the manfriend lives (Cleveland) you can't see stars. You see a nasty yellow haze in the sky.

Me and Tayray

I also ran the manfriend a bath because he has recently discovered their greatness at easing muscle and mind tension! He had been using epsom salts, and I told him the best is epsom, sea salts and baking soda. So I made him a mix. And I put essential oils in it so it smelled purdy. I mean, purdy but manly.

Makeshift Beerpong


The only complaint about the weekend was that we didn't sleep well. We both like a hard bed, and the bed was bouncy. There are much worse things that could've happened you know. And the person who owns it, is a friend from my old job. Oh yea, she left us this cinnamon bread. I ate way more of that than I should have. We stood outside and watched the billions of birds out back in the woods. We heard owls at night, but didn't see them. On Monday we saw two types of woodpeckers, and little blue birds, and blue jays. It was a lot of fun to watch them fly around from tree to tree.

The mini horse in its natural habitat. It wasnt runnin all willy nilly.

We got up on Monday and made breakfast, and started to pack it up, as it to sleet and we were in BFE. We ended up having a really good talk on the way home about us. Like how the manfriend tried to blame distance as the reason we havn't moved forward. (our geographical distance) He use to say we couldn't move forward because we didn't see each other enough. He finally sees that was an excuse for more going on in his own head. I can appreciate that he wants to work out his own issues before starting a life with "someone" as we called it, "or you". I think even saying that flat out he wants to be with me scares him. I've been there, so I can't fault him for it. I'm glad that he realizes he has things to work on within himself. It's easier to blame everyone else for why things don't work out. This went on deeper, but that's his business.

Yummee Nightcrawlers for 4 bucks!

The bait vending machine.

In the end, I felt really good about our talk. I think it worries other people more than it worries me, as to why we havn't moved in together. At least, that's what I hear from others. I know it will happen when the time is right. And that's what I say. People love to think they know your business. I'm not trying to rush anything, because I've been on that side of things too. Making things happen before they are meant to, never works.

Now, I'm off to do some work because I have a class today on "performance management". Im gonna be a gooder boss and learn me how to manage thems girls performances n stuff.

*Editor's Note. Blogger is a clusterfuck of assenine errors when I load pictures, and I spent 40 minutes when I should've been working fixing the font and pictures. So, I did try. It's just fucked.

Reason 567,894,569 not to have kids. Weekend getaways!


LBluca77 said...

You Won!!! You are the winner of my Christmas Giveaway Contest. YAY!!

lizziebelle said...


Mike said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Southern Ohio looks a lot like upstate NY, but not as good. ;)

Erin said...

So much to say! You know, you have the right attitude... too many people rush into a relationship, marriage or just living together and they end up divorced (i.e. me) and I think you guys are taking it at your own speed and still having a fabulous time together!

the whole weekend looked and sounded so freaking awesome! Beer pong - love it!

Glad you had a great time!!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

You obviously have your head screwed on correctly and good for you to enjoy what you have now and for having patience with your manfriend. :-) The pics are great, although, yes, it can be hard to upload on this service for sure. LOL at the one where "the ladies" aren't really being felt. ;-)

Alexa said...

what a great time!! and that bait vending machine cracks me up. ha

Barb said...

Well girl, it took 8, yes 8 long years before me and the hubby tied the knot. He had cold feet because of the horrible divorce his mother and father went through. I guess he finally realized I was never going away! We've been married for 18 years and together for 26. (I thought I'd help you add! LOL)

You and your manfriend sound so happy together. Live in the moment (as I know you are) and enjoy each other now. Worry about tomorrow TOMORROW! :)

Barb said...

P.S. Happy Birthday!!!!!