"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ho Ho Ho...

Hi. I might have a problem. I want one of these puppies pretty bad. I mean, they look like little foxes! I am addicted to their webcam.

That mouse was out and about again yesterday. The good news is, I knew it was, because my cats were after something. My cats aren't useless after all! They had it under my couch. I chased it back and forth forever trying to help them, and they'd look excitedly under the couch waiting for it to come out but it didn't until their ADD kicked in and they left. When I moved a photo album and there it scurried. It's little, and fast. Way fast. And, teeeeeny little. Eventually the cats lost inerest. When I shoo'd it out I'd yell "sickem" but, my cats have no idea what that means. And the mouse ran back under the couch. The saga continues.

I spent the night wiping things off and sweeping behind things looking for mouse evidence. None. I dunno when he moved in but he's been pretty tidy.

Yesterday, we had a holiday party for the department. We were smart this year, and instead of putting our meager secreterial wages together, having a food day, then watch the people who drive bmw's, and lexus's and hummers eat all our food, (last food day one of the VP's took a whole can of nuts with him to eat) we sent them an invite to bring food. Guilt them into it if you will. Rich folk have no damn sense.

Except some of them do! One of the VP's got us all gift sets from Carol's Daughter! As seen on Oprah! Used by Beyonce, and Mary J. Blige. It smells devine too! I got a sugar cookie candle from anther one. My girls got me a bag full of Hello Kitty goodies. I got a Starbucks card and bad ass coffee mug from my boss, and some pretty hair doodles from another gal. I didn't get a bad clock this year from my VP, I got a gift card to Applebee's! And some evil chocolates.

This weekend the manfriend and me saw Four Christmases. The cutest part was at the beginning he told me they reminded him of us. I was seriously thinking the same thing. The way they interact with each other was so cute, and ......picked each other up at the bar even though they live together. Hollaaaa. He made me wanna cry like 10 times this weekend, with happiness of course. Like, we were at the movies and he went to get the car and pick me up cus it was 20 below windchill. Made me button my coat. Fixed my 20 times blistered foot so it didn't hurt. I gave him a small christmas tree cus he didn't have one. He really liked it. It's so weird to be treated so well. I'm so not use to it, it'll never get old!

I'm excited this year he is gonna come to my Momma's Christmas Eve! And I'll go to his families on Christmas. His Mom is sick, so we're doing her house on Sunday. I hope this doesn't mean I have to wait til Sunday for presents. I've been dying to give him his gifts for months!


Mike said...

Applebee's is great. I want to own one.

Isn't being in love the best feeling in the world?

Momma said...

Mommas on Christmas eve.. Let's hope he can handle it..lol. Now you will have someone help you figure out the hints Santa puts on the name tags. Think the boss heard about the clock thing all year and got the hint.

Fizzgig said...

yes, it certainly is....

I think the other VP's shamed him last year no one coudl believe he got me that gift.

musing said...

I saw Francis' tweet about you and came over to say hi. I'm a member of SheWhoBlogs, too. :)

And those puppies are adorable!

Fizzgig said...

hi! Aren't they? I want one of everything