"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Middle of the week. Oh wait, it's actually my Thursday because I'm off on Friday and Monday. I love vacay days! Just love them. It's awesome cus everyone wastes their time in the summer, and here I am enjoying some non work time in the winter. I'd love them even more on a beach somewhere sipping mai tais (who am I kidding right now I'd love to sip some beer) with my manfriend. And a million dollars. If you are gonna dream, dream big!

On Monday, I was walking to the gym at work, and guess what happened? My pants fell down. Well I didn't moon anyone, but they did fall down to my thighs and if I hadn't had on a long top someone would've seen something. When I started boot camp, these same pants were snug on me. Its kind of hard for me to believe, because I've been working out 5 days a week for almost 2 years, and actually having progress after a year of nothing? Makes me giddy. But I miss beer. Have I mentioned that fifteen times yet? Sigh. We will be reunited again some day. In moderation.

This morning, I put on a size smaller jeans, that I had about 2 inches to lose before I could zip a month ago. And they fit. And, I'm not squeezed in them. At bootcamp, we did 100 run em overs. Which, we normally do 25 and that kills me. It's a form of torture. You run 4 to the right, squat, 4 jumping jacks, run 4 to the left, squat, 4 jumping jacks. Really fast. We did one, and she yelled "99" I thought, surely she said 9. But everyone yelled out "98" on the next one. (we have to also count everything, or we never stop whatever it is we are doing). And if you don't book it when you run, you stay on the same number. In reality we probably did 110. To break it down...in a row we did 800 jumping jacks, 200 squats, and ran an assload. That was in the middle of the class.

This past weekend I helped the boy clean out his closet. (not in the eminem way) I scored a buttload of stuff. Like some champagne glasses, wine glasses, tiki cups, pint glasses. A transmitter to play my mp3 in the car, and a sound machine. Um, lots of other things too. And, I borrowed a book called who am I. It's pretty interesting. It has your different characteristics based on birth sign, face shape, and marks on your hands. So far, it's pretty sweet. I also organized his shelves, for him, and unpacked some partylite stuff he had packed away. I'm pretty handy to have around.

Then when we were done, he informed me that I helped clean out my own closet. He tricked me. Which only makes sense if you know that we are forever joking about kidnapping each other, and locking one another up in our closets. He totally scammed this idea from me, but since it's kinda cute he likes me enough to joke about goin through the trouble of kidnapping me, I let it slide. Plus, he just thinks it is all just a cute and adorable little joke. He has no idea that I truely have a master plan to steal him. Imagine his suprise when he wakes up tied in my closet, a-la Saw (1-5 you pick) .... In nothin but his manties! Holla!


Erin said...

LOL - you are so cute when you are in love :-)

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I'm so jealous of your weight loss! But I also congratulate you, and think of beer as blechk! No, I don't really think that and I like beer too, but it is fattening unfortunately. The closet thing you and your manfriend got going is very cute. ;-)

So@24 said...

Dude, you made out like a bandit. How could he give away all those treasures?

Alexa said...

i want the what your having in regard to the bootcamp and the love thing wouldn't hurt either.

Fizzgig said...

sometimes i make me sick. I use to be so anti cute. Til I got bit.

why cant they invent a beer that is carb and calorie free. Invent it! I miss blue moon. And Leinenkugels. if thats how its spelled.

I know, I got a lot of cool stuff! One man's trash!

I believe there is one up your way, I'll find out the name of it. The love thing...it'll happen when you least expect it! =)

babylamb said...

WTG! Reading all about your boot camp has really had me thinking about getting a trainer.