"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, December 12, 2008

Digging Out..

I've been digging out this week. And I don't mean the snow. Trying to avoid weight gain from drinking and eating crap. I think it's cus I ate carbs and while they are my favorit thing in the universe, they are also my worst enemy. They make me feel crappy, and bloated, and lazy. And for me, make it nearly impossible to drop pounds, despite my maniacal workouts. Wanna know what I've done this week?

- nothing silly, I was in southern Ohio with the manfriend being in love. Unless you count....oh, nevermind.

Tuesday 2 hours
- 3 miles/45 minutes treadmill lunch workout
- 45 minutes bootcamp (a.k.a torture)
-30 minutes at home abs/weights

Wednesday 2.75 hours
- 25 minutes eliptical lunch workout
- 30 minutes treadmill lunch workout
- 45 minutes before bootcamp
- 45 minutes bootcamp (a.k.a this was hell being my third workout)
- 20 minute walk at home
- Laundry and steam cleaning carpets which counts cus they hurt after all that working out.

Thursday 1hr 55min
- 30 minutes eliptical lunch workout
- 25 minutes treadmill lunch workout
- 60 minutes treadmill after work
-Tired as a motherfucker

Friday (today I will do)
- 30 min eliptical lunch workout
- 25 min treadmill lunch workout
-45 min bootcamp

Tonight? I'm weighing in even though, I am going to a Feliz Navidad...or, Mexican Christmas party at the manfriends. I wasn't going to, but that was before I chickened out of the weigh in on Thursday. Your third bootcamp day is always weigh in. I didn't want to not lose weight. I'd be mad at myself and eat something horrible. I know me. So, I will see tonight what my results are.

This is where you may expect me to say all this work to ward off weight gain wasn't worth having things like, tater tot casserole, velveeta dip, ranch dip, cinnamon bread, rum, vodka, punch, orange pop, hashbrowns, and beer nuts. You're right. Never thought I'd say that either. I'm tired of working out so much. I'm at that 2 month mark. I think it happens to me all the time, and you just push thru and it goes away. But I don't wanna.

Speaking of working out. I saw a girl Wednesday at the gym at work, cover herself in trash bags, and then put on sweats. Trash bags. She was really loud and plastic-y. Then she decided to get on the treadmill next to me. Then she got on her cell phone and fought with her boyfriend, and kept hanging up on him. Getting on and off the treadmill every two minutes to argue. I wanted to say to her the trash bags wouldn't help without sustaining an elevated heartbeat, but what do I know. She interrupted my Dr. Phil, and pissed me off. Saw a guy I use to see every night in the gym, and he said "she's back". I said "I never went anywhere, I've been doing lunch workouts". Turns out he is the one who fell off the wagon.

Saturday I have the company suite for a hockey game. Lake Erie Monsters. I'm gonna go with the manfriend. (new girl at work is also going) I'm excited, it's fun to hang in style and be treated like you are important. And, have drinks brought to you. Saturday night I am heading back to the Fulton to hang with some friends for my pre-birthday-birthday drinkfest.

Most importantly, Sunday is my birthday. It's the big "33". Happy happy to me!


Damsel Underdressed said...

First of all, Happy Birthday!

Second, Garbage Bag Girl is mentally ill. WHO does that? Garbage bags? She should check Ebay for a 1980's sauna suit. I'm sure there's one out there. I mean, why not? Since she already looks stupid...

Mike said...

The Monsters? That is an awesome name for a hockey team!

Deutlich said...

Happy 33rd!!

and YIKES that's a lot of exercise