"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just Call me Weezie, Cuz I'm movin up!...

So, I'm minding my biz at work yesterday, a.k.a working, I actually DO have a job people, and my boss comes up and says, come see me. And leaves. Say huh?

So I see her. She fills me in that another department (not the one that I had previously thought) was going to merge with our department. What this means to me is that I am getting two new people to boss around, I mean, supervise, and ummm...lead in a direction which will benefit the department and the company. I'm excited, because I get to figure out how to merge our two areas, and come up with ways to streamline their processes, like I've done with ours. Project!

What I'm not excited about is that they aren't new, and they have jobs here, and I have to also learn how to do theirs. And it kiiiiiiiinda intimidates me. Supervising someone on a job I know nothing about. And that one girl is a control freak, and my boss told me "on paper" she is "over" the other girl. I can see us butting heads. I get the impression, that I might get one of the girls and the other one will work in my bosses area. Confused? Me too. They tend to like to keep us guessing at work.

When I met with my manager, and my director, and the two new girls....they had no idea that they were going to be under me. When the director told them I'm the administrative supervisor, they were all like....ohhhhhhh....and gave me the once over. Whatev'es peeps. Eat it. Your new boss says whatev'es, and peeps, and I'm totally awesome.

Today I meet with them, and my boss. Then starting tomorrow I sit with the one girl for an hour and increase by an hour each day. I have a little over 10 days to learn her job.

Funny how things happen isnt it?

You know I have been listening to the power of intention. (by Wayne Dyer whom I love) There is a part about how you can't go around chasing things and expect them to happen. (basically the law of attraction) You have to be. Learning to be is the hard part. Instead of looking for love. Be love, and it will find you. Instead of looking for success, be successful, and success will find you. Things always seem to come so easily to some people. And this is why.

My favorite..instead of looking for happiness.....be happy. My favorite fortune cookie on my computer monitor at work is "Don't pursue happiness - create it".

How true.


Mike said...

You boss them around good now, you hear? I used to have to supervise a few high school kids who worked at a public library with me. They'd give me a dirty look and tell me I made them get back to work. Psh, whatever.

Mike said...

Oops, I mean they would tell me I was mean.

Erin said...

Hey that's pretty cool! More responsibility means that they likey you :-)

Alexa said...

do you get a raise?!?!?

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

You could be my boss anyday as I like that you say whatev's and peeps. You'll do great and I like your can-do attitude. ;-)

Fizzgig said...

I'll def do that! lol. high school kids, ugh that brings back taco bell memories when i had to go back as a mgr in my 20s. kids are lazy anymore!

yea! its exciting!!!!

I got a raise with the position last year, that near doubled my salary, and allowed me to quit my second job. Im quite happy with it!

thank you thank you! I am a cool boss. One thing my boss likes is my positive attitude and that my cage doesnt get rattled very easily. I'm even keel. Wasn't always thats for sure~