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Monday, December 22, 2008

A Creature Was Stirring....

Hi, you know me, I have four cats? I'd like to change that statement, to I have at least three freeloading cats, and one proven killer, who is just a total slacker.

I let my dog out about 4 am to potty, and I saw a little mouse scurry across the counter in the kitchen. My first instinct was of course, to do the girl thing and scream and try to run out of the kitchen, for the manfriend to rescue me. Only, I don't live with the manfriend. So I had to soldier up. And be my independant self. Plus, it looked just like this picture, it was a tiny little field mouse, how horrible could it be? I decided to do the animal loving, woman of the house thing. And catch the mouse.

I got out a little tupperware bowl, and chased it from one side of my counter, across the sink, to the other side of the counter, shouting "ooohh oh oh" along the way as I almost caught the damn thing. I did however, successfully catch the mouse. I don't even have claws and whiskers and night vision eyes and I managed to capture it. I got my cutting board, because obviously the best idea is to scoot it off the counter onto the cutting board, and set it loose out back into the woods to live another day, right? Well I'm not an accomplished mouse catcher, cus as I was sliding it off the counter, it got loose onto the floor, and jetted under the refrigerator. I moved it out from the wall and shoved the broom underneath. But that little bastard was gone. Where, I don't know. Eventually I went back to bed, where my three lazy cats barely opened their eyes to see me.

So now I'm faced with a dilemma. Get a mouse trap? I would sooner live with mice than have to trap them and dispose of their dead carcasses. I thought that's why I had natures mouse traps. FOUR of them. My Mom said my cats probably think I got another pet. I mean, I can hardly blame my cats for being so freaking docile, and sweet, and not even batting a whisker at my bunny, right? However, my fourth cat, the siamese, is a proven killer. She got out my bathroom window when I lived in "the city" (akron) and killed a bird, and brought it in the apartment.

So, I got my gift that I won over at Lbluca77's blog! How fun!

This is what came in the box. Peppermint bark. If I didn't know better, I'd think this was bootcamp sabotage. But lucky for me, I'm pretty good with resisting temptations latley. Unless that temptation is bread. Or cheese. Or...pizza.

I got a Christmas pen, pez dispenser, M&M's, slippers, National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation DVD, TARGET gift card (hollaaaaa!) and my very own pirate to grow. Awesome! I'm happy to have won I did a little happy dance.

You really shouldn't have included a gift for the cats, they quite enjoyed the box. I told them Santa isn't coming this year since they have been cohabitating with a mouse. So, this will be their only gift. Good thing they like it. They thank you!

Pickachu (Fizzgig in the wings waiting to jump in the box)

Stay tuned for my after xmas giveaway. Where you might get a non-mousing cat in a box as your gift.

I also got a ticket this weekend. From the lovely city of Lakewood. You know, if I parked at my house at the police station...no one would bother to check my tags. Yes, my tag is expired. Yes, I renewed it and had it in the car, but also yes....it was 1 degree this weekend and stickers don't stick in the bitter cold. I'm pretty pissed. The city sucks. Ya'll can have Cleveland. I prefer my small town living where people mind their damn bizness. And I don't have e-check.

P.S. I didn't gain or lose anything at bootcamp. Stayed the same. But when I lose 3lbs more, I move to private first class. A goal.


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

OMG! Please catch that little mouse and mail him to me! He's so cute. You really could make him your fifth pet. Your kitties are so cute too, but I have asthma, so the mouse is a better option. Only please wait until I clean my apartment before you mail the mouse...quickest way to get him killed is to let him loose in this health-hazard place. ;-)
P.S. Peppermint Bark is the schnizzle!

Erin said...

LMAO!! I can so totally see you doing that, lol... I had a mouse once and it was pretty much the same thing. Screaming when I didn't catch it, screaming even louder when I did!

And my cat LOVES boxes too - the other day I had them piled from the Amazon stuff I bought - she managed to jump her fat ass on the top of the treadmill and literally fly through the air about six feet to land in the top box.

But yet, she won't even get up to walk for more than a foot before she collapses from being so tired, lol.

HawaiianPun said...

I recommend the Havahart two door cage trap (here it is on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Havahart-1020-Door-Cage-Trap/dp/B0000DINGG/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/176-6231458-4005514?ie=UTF8&s=home-garden&qid=1229960950&sr=8-1) with a little bit of peanut butter on the trigger platform. We've caught six mice so far with this little beauty. One tip though: supposedly mice are excellent navigators, so you have to release them at least three miles from your home lest they find their way back in minutes after you throw them out in your yard.

Mike said...

Since your cats all act like they are Garfield, it looks like you have another pet. At least it's a cute pet.

I had a cat that caught me a bird and brought it in the house, too! It was a cardinal. I opened the back door and told the cat "drop it." She did and the bird flew out the door almost hitting me in the head on the way out.

Suzi said...

Your twitter says your cats are hot on the mouse trail…did they catch it? I happen to like mice, too. We had a baby one in our house once and caught it under a toilet plunger, then fed it peanut butter crackers and made a video before we let it go. As long as they keep their poop out of my silverware drawer, I don't mind a visit now and then!

Damsel Underdressed said...

What is it with cats and boxes? Mine are the same way especially the one that pretends to not have any "kitten" left in him.

I'm like that with large bugs. I look to my cats to rescue me and they just freaking stare at me like a couple of welfare cases. "You want me to get up? And catch that thing? I'm busy, woman. Yawn. Zzzzzzz..."

Fizzgig said...

If I catch it that is. It's pretty elusive!

cats love boxes I don't get the excitement but I suppose its like kids who would rather play with a box than toys. I dont want the mouse but I dont wanna hurt it.

Hawaiian pun:
does it kill the mouse? I dunno if I can handle a dead carcass, the guilt would eat me alive. I'd see its dead eyes in my sleep!

I wouldnt mind if he fed himself but he may move on from cat and dog food onto chewing holes in my food bags!

no, they cornered it, but no luck catching it. They lost interest after a while, I was lifting the couch and shoving cat feathers on a stick at it.

They are pretty good with bugs. They will kill them no problem. I think the mouse has them baffeled but they did show interest last night!

Ms. Megan said...

Love the cats... they are adorable! I caught a mouse in a trash can once and put it outside my son and I watched it for a second and then the neighbor dog came and ate it... it was pretty tramatic! :-)

Fizzgig said...

Ms Megan:
aaah thats awful. Mine is still on the freaking loose!

LBluca77 said...

Oh yay you got the gift package. I got yelled at by the little old man at the post office. I don't mail packages that often and according to him "you don't seem to know what you are doing and you have caused the line to back up" If he was not like 70 years old I might have kicked his ass.