"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Being Merry...

Well Actually I came into this at work on Monday. Too little too late if you ask me.

I have like 15 drink carriers at my desk which every morning I curse myself for forgetting to bring with me when I get my coffee and water. So they hung them from the ceiling.

    This was the jist of my weekend.

  • They forgot my birthday at work and then tried to make up for it.

  • Gained a pound at bootcamp. Then drank an entire bottle of captain morgans coconut rum Friday night to drown my sorrows.

  • At Friday's party, Stephanie confronting the "hamburgler". Some guy that brought McDonald's to an all you can eat mexican party.

  • Hamburgler apologizing for bringing McDonalds to said party

  • This one guy that had on a tshirt with the ninetendo controller on it, circa the 80's, and everyone 'fingering' the Mortal Kombat kill moves on his chest. P.S. he was buddhist=awesome drunken conversation.

  • My cheap VP that got me that clock (that I'm for sure giving away in my pay it forward prize giveaway. Details to follow after xmas in case i get anything else sucky) totally gave me 20 bucks for my bday in a card. It made me feel 15 again, and that's awesome!

  • Playing beer pong with alchohol again and getting pretty tipsy, I mean drunk, I mean almost shitfaced.

  • Kat refusing to do a birthday shot with me, and the manfriend getting her a shot of "water" so she could join in.

  • The bartender actually shook it in the shot thing and everything with ice.

  • Remembering how awesome my manfriend is for doin that.

  • Waking up on Sunday with a burning back.

  • Seeing the manfriend had burned knees

  • Putting two and two together and remembering we had a pretty hot night on the floor. Bow chica wow wow.

  • Tara holding her nose to do shots of alchohol. At least she did them, right?

  • Going with the manfriend to feed his moms cats and noticing she had 3 gifts with my name on them in the spare room, and my birthday marked on her calender. How cute?

  • Presents rock.

  • Being drooled on by his moms cat while the manfriend tried to pill the cat. Pilling cats = worst thing ever.

  • Thought about an invention to make pilling cats easier. Decided this is my new million dollar idea.

  • Ate mexican food.

  • loved it.

  • Driving in a blizzard to Cleveland. Wait, what else is new?

  • Stephanie taking 20 minutes at the Circle K to pick out her pop. Literally.

  • Staying up til 5 am 2 nights in a row. How old am I?

  • One of my friends hooking up with one of the manfriend's friends. I said hey if this works out we can carpool.

  • Making the best hashbrowns drunk. With seasoned salt and a turkey burger and cheese. I might patent it.

  • Not burning down the house while cooking.

  • Asking Stephanie to ask this girl's name, cus I asked her twice, and still think her name is Jill. It's not.

  • My friends hearing the manfriends real name for the first time.

  • Not believing him, (neither did I when I first heard it...it's a family name)

  • My abs still hurt from my Friday workout, where bootcamp nazi decided to instill team building, which just means we help each other hurt more.

  • Ruby slippers and vodka might not mix too well.

  • Went 10mph on the expressway, and a half hour drive took an hour and a half. Because for some reason the dumb state I live in is operating on a salt shortage. Like, we don't expect it to snow or something.

  • The mexican hat dance. Minus the song.

  • Wanting to hear "back to da hotel" and the manfriend putting it on in like 3.0 seconds. Holla!

  • Getting a bday suprise on my washing machine

  • No, not that you pervs.

  • The manfriend requesting "don't stop believin'" by Journey for me

  • Bethie and Kat having a threeway with me

  • On the dance floor, not like THAT

  • Two words. Kenny. G.
  • Laughing at the elf yourself video my Mom made of us three until we cried.

  • Telling a bunch of the boy's friends that he once almost bit my nipple off.

  • Realizing I'm freaking Classy

  • Tara and Todd getting all settled in on the air mattress and realizing it has a hole in it, on the manfriend's hardwood floor.
  • Eating TWO bagels at work on Monday. Still feeling the carb overload today. Dread all the working out I have to do this week. Twice a day. Every day.

  • Having a fellow female partygoer, ask me where my stash of cottonelle is at the manfriends, and noticing, someone used it all.

  • Think the manfriend has a secret affection for cottonelle and won't admit it.
  • Keeping up with Stephanie on drinks. Then, the next day she has way more alchohol left than me. Cheater.

  • Bethie calling out the DJ for not wishing me a happy birthday=awesome

  • Realizing at the bar, that people on their 21st birthday's are kinda annoying
  • The manfriend's Dad's salsa. Yum.

  • Kat and the manfriend stealing a cornhole bag, so the stupid kids wouldn't be all up in our bizness with their dumb cornhole game.
  • Who plays cornhole indoors. At a bar?

  • Remembering our 21'st bdays were 12 years ago. What?
  • Stating that we didn't take our parents with us to celebrate 21 like those dillweeds.

  • Being pissed off that on 80's night, the DJ strayed from the format far too much, because, if you're 21 you weren't even in the 80's for long.

  • Stealing the rubiks cube from 80s night contest. Hearing someone mention that it's been stolen, and saying "damn, that's really fucked up".

  • Realizing we're way more cooler than those dicks. (I said way more cooler)

  • Being outside smoking so long the owner/bartender came to check on us
  • Trying to make New Years Plans. Plans never work.

  • The manfriend taking a picture of my cats snuggling. And then seeing that he had quite a few pics of my pets in his phone, and having my heart melt.
  • Not having to leave the house on my actual b-day. The manfriend got gas for me. Cus he's a cute boy!

  • Getting an email from Tara Monday that said "what did (insert manfriends real name here) get you for your bday?" and laughing out loud.

  • Showing everyone my new ID. And realizing the back of mine is different than everyone elses.
  • Hoping my new ID is legal
  • Maybe getting sick on Saturday cus I drank too much.

  • Showing everyone my gas receipt for .01
  • Listening to the Power of Intention (by Wayne Dyer) which is awesome as all of his books are. I love the positive thinking concept, and how much it's changed my life!
  • Kat getting me a Hello Kitty Bento from Japan!

  • Having a moment of sheer terror, and then turning it over to my gut. Learning to trust that vs. your head is so not easy to do. Having the knowledge to do this on your 33rd bday=priceless.
  • Amazon telling me that Dean Koontz's new Frankenstein book is finally available!!!!

  • Running at a 5.0mph for 4 miles Monday with no breaks. Older? Psh. Better!

My precious under the tree.


Erin said...

Shoot Mon - My bloglines hasn't updated your blog to say you had posted... Now I missed your birthday and a ton of great posts!

Happy Birthday! (Late I know, but I'm so not the people at your work, I actually am wishing it to you because I really hope you had a happy birthday not because I'm sucking up, lol)

A fuck of a lot happened to you this weekend, lol. What was the birthday surprise on the washer - and how the hell did the manfriend almost bite off your nipple???

Sounds like you had a great time!!!

babylamb said...

Sounds like you had a GREAT time.

brookem said...

happy belated bday! sounds like a blast.
your kitty is adorable!

Mike said...

Aww, look how cute that cat is! Gimme the cat.

Sounds like you had a blast on your birthday and you remembered most of it!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

You had one hell of a weekend, woman. Hashbrowns with seasoned salt, turkey burger and cheese? You should patent that...I'd buy it! :-)

Damsel Underdressed said...

Wow. You were a busy birthday girl.

I love what Manfriend did with the shot.

And I have a girlfriend whose husband's true first name is Captain. No lie.

Fizzgig said...

thank you for the bday wishes! ive been auto publishing my posts ahead of time maybe that affects it?

i did have a great time!

thank you, and my cat is pretty cute!

that's my precious. Ever see LOTR? Yea. like that. lol

I could eat it all day and never be sick of it!

it was pretty cute of him to do that. Captain? That's funny! Manfriend's is even worse. lol