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Monday, December 29, 2008

I Got a Dumb Coat...

Here's a preliminary picture of my dog in her new coat. It was 65 this weekend, so she didn't wear it for new pictures. She loves having her picture taken can you tell?

My cat decided instead of catching mice, she'd practice catching me wrapping gifts. I was gone most of the weekend, and came back to a pretzel stick on my counter. Uneaten. Either the mouse got scared away by my ferocious cats, or headed outside since it was 65 degrees...Or...least likely, the cats ate him. He certainly wasn't eating pretzel sticks.

I was gone most of my 4 days off, so when I was home the cats snuggled with me. That's two of em bein cute balls of fur that don't catch mice. (mother and son) And my new hello kitty pants from the manfriend.

I braved the crowds on Saturday and got some after Xmas shopping done. I scored this pre-lit 4 foot tree from target for 9.99, with $1 off because the box was smashed. (regular 19.99) It's perfectly tacky. I think I'm leaving it up for Valentines day I'll decorate it with some hearts.

I had a fabulous holiday. My entire living room is packed with boxes and wrappings and bags. I guess that means I had a good christmas. Most peculiar gift? Baby shoes. Patent leather shoes. Mom. She says its because my brother and sister had shoes as babies, and I complain that I didn't (because I didn't) so that was suppose to make up for it. I said "let's see what the manfriend thinks about this." I think wishful thinking on her part.

Biggest gifts...hmmmm I got a big tower fan (with remote!) and a lighted blender from my Momma, and tons of other stuff. The manfriend got me the Great Pumpkin DVD (he'd never seen it...cus he's deprived) and a mirrored star I wanted, and some other stuff (and a bear that sings barry white, that had me cracking up). My sister got me the Mischevious Kitten Hallmark ornament, which I hadn't gotten in the past few years. My brother got me the Lost game. The only person I can play with is Kat. Unless I want to smear the competition. But let's face it, even if you did watch the show I'd still smear you. I told the manfriend when the storm of 09 hits (and we know it will) We should break out the Lost DVD's and he'd soon be hooked.

I got $25 to Bath and Body so I got my Wexler for 27 dollars this weekend. Awesome deal! (I love this stuff!) All my other gift cards are for food places. Too bad I swore off food. Amazingly, after 4 days of no working out and eating and drinking "normal" I havn't gained weight. Plus, it's my time of the month. I am not sure I'm doing boot camp this week, because I pay weekly, and there is only 2 classes available to me, and its not worth it. Plus no weigh in for the second week. I'm still working out at work though.

Now I can say that I made the manfriend a book of pictures for our first year together. I had it done at snapfish. I was jealous of it, so the universe had one sent to me too. For free. I dunno how it happened, but I ended up getting another one, and I was never charged for it!

Unfortunately it's month end at work and I have to go and um...do something today. Hope everyone had fabulous holidays, can't wait to read about them!


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

First off, I want your doggy. She is so cute (as you know). I would say I want your kitties, but 1) I'm allergic and 2) they're not worth crap for catching mice - hee hee. J/K. I wouldn't want them to have eaten that little mouse! Oh, and I repeat, you are so my people - It's the Great Pumpkin is a classic. ;-)

Mike said...

A lighted blender? I've never heard of such a thing.

Sounds like you had a merry little Christmas. :)

Alexa said...

ok your cat's face make me laugh - a lot!

Erin said...

LOL @ your cats - omg, he looks like such a scrooge ;)

Glad you had a wonderful holiday! The fact that you were gone so much probably means you were in happy bliss with your manfriend :-)