"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Clause is Comin...

So the snow's mostly melted from the storm we had. But you can't tell that to my dog, who gives me the "fuck you" look when I put her outside. She won't even go off the back porch, she has taken to pissing right there on the stoop. She has short dog syndrome or something.

I need new tires. But I've decided I can't afford them. I am going to save money hopefully have them by the end of January. I can't in my right mind charge another thing on my credit cards, when I've been working two jobs for years to pay the fucking things off. It defeats the purpose! And I would like the year 2008 to be the year I cease working my life away! It's good to have goals!

I got prezzies last night! Momma and sissy sent gifts. I'm pretty sure one of them broke. From frosty santa. It sounds like lots of broken glass. Unless my gift is broken glass, I dunno. There are also a lot of them unwrapped in spots, but I didn't peek. I've got restraint like that!

This is the second year that I havn't gotten gifts for people. It's kinda depressing. Not decorating is depressing. I havn't even made a cookie. Not one. I havn't rolled a buckeye. Bought a potato, or even thought about what I'll make for me and my brother for dinner. I don't like being responsible for him, because the man invited me for Christmas, which I'd love to be around a family for the holiday. Instead, I get to be around my ungrateful brother.

I got a few gifts so far at work. From one VP I got a card for the grill at work for $10, same from another and a big diamond ring keychain (how appropriate), one of my VP's got me a big basket of food and cheeses. One of my other VP's got me a stupid wooden clock. Trust me when I say it's stupid. I mean, why bother? I know it sounds ungrateful, but I don't care. It's a truck stop clock, and I am totally giving it away at the next white elephant I go to. This guy hates me. He's super critical, though he's nice. I just know he hates me. I might be more offended, if he didn't get my manager the same stupid clock. Everyone knows, the best part of this job, is gifts. I'm still holding out for some gifts from District managers. A girl can dream. So much for diamonds. *sigh*

I thought that after three days with the man, maybe it would be easier to be away from him, but no one ever said I thought right. Boy...I miss him. I wanna gobble him up! It hurts my heart to be away!

Reminder...I have enough money. I need to shut the fuck up and stop bitching about it, my negativity is bringing me down.

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Kentucky Girl said...

You know, I think it might be okay to buy new tires on your credit card...specially with winter being here and all...better to have a little debt than be like...road pizza, right?

You can get some cookies from meeeeee...details on my blog. :D