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Monday, December 10, 2007

Im surviving...

Today is my Momma's bday. Her best gift ever, is that 4 days after her birthday, she had a bouncing baby girl, named ME! What an awesome belated gift I am. Right?

I was a bit out of it for a few days. I felt sick on Thursday, thought maybe I had strep throat, and wasn't going to go to the Dr. until the girls at work told me I could get scarlet fever and die. Well I went, and it turns out I have tonsilitis. Who the hell gets that? The Dr. looked at my throat and said "OMG you have tonsilitis have you seen your throat?" I said yea. It was pretty nasty. He said "do you work with kids?" I said "I work with the mentally handicapped" and he said "they probably don't wash their hands" I said "probably not". I mean, if you pick and eat your ear wax, chances are you don't wash your hands after picking your nose.

My neck was visibly swollen. The entire tonsil was packed with white and gray puss. The right one was swollen so bad I could hardly swallow pills. WTF? Mmmmm. It Felt like I was chewing on glass. Friday I called off work(s). I slept all day and popped about 16 Ibuprofin. Plus my amoxocillin. Today I feel a lot better, but I'm freaking tired, and my throat hurts. Bleh. So much for watching what I eat this past week. I had a 32 oz milkshake, tons of popsicles, and ice cream. And I did nothing but lay around on the couch and sweat.

I still kicked it on Saturday. Not as much as I'd have liked to, but I still had a killer time. I went out for my birthday to the bar. Kat got me a cake! And, hello kitty plates and napkins! I also got hello kitty string lights, and towels from her and Amster...and..wine. Bubba got me some yummy candles. I loves presents! Of course...I got to spend the evening with my man as well. I also had a visit from an olllld friend I hadn't seen in so long! Good times!

Yesterday me and the man watched Harry Potter, and cuddled on the couch and then went to his house for dinner, and to trim the tree. I had a good time as usual. We had lots of laughs. Which hurt my throat, but who can complain? It still sucks to leave him, and I hate it. But, maybe one day I'll get use to it. He said if we stop missing each other, it's time for us to move on. I dunno, I kinda think it's cruel to miss someone this much.

P.S. Lost comes out tomorrow on DVD. Can a Tuesday be any more exciting?

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Suzi said...

Sick at birthday time is NO FAIR! I hope your tonsils are better by now, with the antibiotics. Good thing you went in!

And hey, I think when the time comes that you and the man stop missing each other, it'll be because you're not apart anymore!