"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Even Spell Check Hates Me...

My scope for today: There are too many elements of your life overlapping right now. The lines between separate social groups could be blurring, a coworker is suddenly making moves to get together outside of work, or a family member wants to come work where you work. When you concentrate on fulfilling your purpose in life, you end up helping out loved ones in the process. Learn to take care of yourself and you won't end up resenting others for not meeting those needs.

How true is that? This is definatly my scope today, and something I need to focus on. So, um,
hello, me? Leave me the hell alone already! I swear, my biggest gripe about me, is that I am so hard on myself! Seriously. I get home at 11 every night. Feed the pets, try to clean something, because there is always something to clean. Get a bath, and it's time for bed. I'm always exhausted, so I hardly ever get up in the morning to work out. I can't work out at night, I'm either too tired, or it makes me too awake so I'm up til 3 am then I get 3 hours of sleep to work 14 hours. I can't do everything I want to do. Yet, I'm the first to tell myself I am lazy for not working out. I simply have no time. When will I ever learn, I'm not superwoman? I think I must have been in another life. I hold myself to too high a standard.

On top of that, I'm trying to save money, pay my bills off, find a new job, and move. I'm still behind on everything from not being paid for a month from the second job too. I have my second interview tomorrow at the financial place. I got another call yesterday for an advertising firm as an assistant. The money seems way too good to be true, so it probably is. It's three times my current salary.

The power at my house keeps flickering. The electrician came out Saturday and didn't really fix anything. My brother said he thinks I can call the BBB to have an inspector come out for free. Landlord needs to do something about it. If the place burns down I'm sure she has insurance, and she wont care. She's trying to sell it anyway. So, I've been on the lookout for a new place. I am not having any luck. I pretty much need a house, and I can't afford one out where I work. I figure, once I get another job, the rest will fall into place. I have until March to move, but working two jobs, that will be hard to pack everything and find a place. But then again you know what? When I left the exes house, I was working the same hours, and I managed to pack up and move.

I keep thinking what would be involved in owning a cabin rental? Or a duplex, and living in half? Of course, I'd need a handyman...I might know where one of those is. But seriously, it could be fun, it's expensive to rent those cabins....hmmmm.

While spell checking a report I typed up, I notice it's catching every word as an error. I'm like, what is wrong with 'each'? What's wrong with 'we'? What's wrong with 'talked'? Somehow my fucking spell check turned to Spanish. Now, everything really IS mexican. What the fuck? I set the default to English, and it's still checking in Spanish. Why, does spell check hate me?


EC said...

That happens to me, but my turns to UK English, so it keeps wanting to me things like favorite into favourite...lol.

And you are right, you are being too hard on yourself!! You are doing far above what normal people do, and you should be proud of yourself for doing it!!

Perfect Patti said...

Good luck on the interview tomorrow. You need to love yourself and accept that you get TIRED. Being TIRED is hard: it is harmful to your body and brain both. Give yourself a break, and so what if something doesn't get cleaned...it will still need cleaned later....easier said than done, I know, but you need to rest girl!

Mon said...

seriously, wtf is up with that spell check? lol. I am hard on me. It's always the thing i dislike about myself when asked in interviews.

I know. I need a wknd to do nothing and veg out. Wait, I'm doing that mybirthday at the cabin! yay!!