"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Another Day Another Dollar...

I was way busy yesterday. I had training for the 50th time on power point at work. As if one needs that much training on something we're not permitted to use at work. In my job, we use it for newsletters. Copy/paste info into it as pictures. Not real power points. So, what I'm sayin' is.. I texted dirty messages back and forth with the man, about how much fun it'd be if he were in class with me. In the back row. Wink, wink. It passed the time, and made me giggle!

We had a department lunch at Friday's. I rode with the girl in my department who likes to bitch about everyones imperfections, and spread general negativity. I called her on it, because she complains about another girl doing just that, and she is doing it all along. I've decided that I'm letting these bastards at work get to me. Ever since I've stopped with my positive thinking, shits gone down hill. I havn't lost weight. I have had no money. I hate work. I need to stop that shit and get back on track! Hello, it's freaking Christmas! Where's your spirit already?

The good thing about the lunch, is that it was two hours. By the time we got back to work, and I picked up reports, it was 3. And a mere two hours at the second job..Then, I got to see my guy!

Aaaack! That man drives me nuts. Nuts people. And I don't mean he makes me crazy and I want to kill him, but I mean he drives me nuts in that .....how can you like someone so freaking much way! Seriously! Like, you know how you get so super excited about doing something, or going somewhere, and all that builds up inside as a feeling like you're going to burst? Like butterflies and flashes of excitement and emotions? Yea, I get that all the time sitting next to him, like an explosion. It's pretty crazy. And..gawwwwd how I miss him today. It's like, totally freaking awesome, and so cruel all wrapped up in the same package. If I weren't me, I'd hate me too for being so freaking happy!

So, CP called me yesterday. He'd called a couple times and left msgs. but I never answered or returned the calls. He said he wanted to see if I was alive. Said he lives seconds from my second job. Wanted to come "get his stuff". I said I'm not going to be around this weekend, and asked what it was he wanted. He said his bike. I said well, I dunno if I want you to have it. Really, with all he owes me, how bad is it that I want to keep a freaking bike? Not bad at all. Then he got pissed and hung up. Oh well.


frances at http://blogjem.com said...

I'm so freaking happy that your're freaking happy.

Did you have a fabulous birthday?

Much bloglove,

Perfect Patti said...

Well happy people are fun to be around. No one wants to be around Ms. Negativity...so you just keep being happy, k?

EC said...

Eh screw CP and keep the bike girl! He owes you way more.

And you best get back to that postive thinking by the way - it seemed to really work for you!