"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, December 21, 2007

Makin a List, Checkin it Twice...

Wanna hear something pretty damn cute? The man usually stays on Wednesday's and he's off Thursday, and he straightens up a little before he leaves, cus he's so thoughtful! Yesterday, he texted me that he didn't make my bed before he left, because Tai (one of my cats) looked so comfortable he didn't have the heart to ask her to move. I mean...really, nothing melts my heart more than that. I guess it's like some women seeing a guy with their kids. Only, cats are better than kids, so this trumps it. Totally. He also thinks its cute that my cats pile on my pillow to go to sleep. I mean, I'm keeping him. We're gonna be 80 and in love. I just know it!

I'm really cleaning up at work with the gifts. Everyone's still laughing about my stupid clock. Which, I've decided to post a picture of so you can see it's gayness. It's only like, 5" long. It sorta looks big in the pic. I mean, these people make a buttload of money, you have no idea. One girl got a big ass Dooney & Burke bag she wanted. One got a diamond necklace. One got $250 cash, cha ching. I got this clock.

Today I got a $20 to Wal mart, $25 to applebees, $25 to Max & Ermas, $50 to Macy's (from my favorite VP), and a tower of Harry and David treats, a big tote all from VP's. And, only one District Manager got me something, the newest one got me a pkg of hot chocolate, a mini whisk, and a Yankee Candle ornament you put scented oil on. I love Yankee Candle. I also got a buttload of food and chocolate. Today I ate three cookies. They were big fat chocolate chip too. I feel like such a lard. I'm over the whole weight loss thing til after Christmas. I'll only depress myself. So long as I fit in my clothes, I'll be happy!

Speaking of gifts I'm so unsure of what I got for the man. Everyone likes what I got, but it's hard to buy for someone the first Christmas! I really think he'll like his gifts though. But the nerves get me. Ack!


Kentucky Girl said...

Cats totally rule over kids.

And seriously? That clock? I'd be embarrassed to give it to someone. You know, I might go so far as to stick it in the trash at the office for the world to see. Eww-ness...srsly. That is horrible.

I need to work again so I get presents. I didn't even THINK of that! NO WORK PRESENTS. God.

Anonymous said...

You gotta post a pic of the bottom! ha ha ha ! The writting with the sharpie totally makes that clock worth even more. Everyone is just jealous. Don't you let any one make fun of it!


Bianca said...

Man, I need to work where you work. My various managers don't give us anything!

Janet said...

I'm a dog person myself, but I see the point.:) What did you get him for Christmas? I skimmed below to see but missed it if it's there. You did get some rocking gifts. I'm jealous of everything- but the clock.

Rachel said...

Sounds like a keeper if he gets along with the kids! My horse, George, picked out Jason. Great gifts! Awesome! Try not to beat yourself up about the bad food over the holidays. Everyone indulges at least a little. If you stick to a workout plan through the holidays, it makes it much easier to resist the winter bulge. Merry xmas!