"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, December 28, 2007

I Heart The Po Po's....

I'm on my happy (but sick) way home from the second job last night, on the phone leaving my brother a voicemail when out of nowhere, I see the flashing lights of a police officer, who passes the person behind me to pull me over with his spotlight blaring in my rear-view. I say into the phone "I'm getting fucking pulled over" and hang up. The person in front of me stops too. I'm thinking, wtf did I do wrong? I was going 50 in a 55 on a country road. He asks me if I know the people in front of me, I say no, so he goes to tell them to leave. Apparently, I'm the one he wants.

He was nice, and asked where I was headed from. I said "work, I work two jobs" he said "oh, that's rough" "yea, and I'm really sick" I say. He's looking at my liscense and says "the reason I pulled you over is because you have a headlight out, did you know that?" I reply with a "yes, I work 8-10 every day so I havn't had time to get it fixed, but I will this weekend". He asked if I still lived where my liscense says I do, and I said no, I live right over on such and such, which is the next street over. He let me go with a "get that checked out as soon as you can". "Thank you officer". Puke.

They should rename my town 'Mayberry'. You know..the only time I'm harassed by the police, is in my own town? Always on my own street, or in this case, the next street over? Seriously, what the hell! That's the third time I've been pulled over there. Know how many times I've been pulled over anywhere else? Once, for driving w/o my headlights on at like, 6:00. And I've been driving for how long? Another sign to move? The police have it in for me?

Someone was looking out for me last night, because firstly before that even, when I left the second job, I almost hit a deer. I've never gotten THAT close to hitting one. I didnt see it until it was in front of me, and you know all about that deer in headlights thing. They freaking stop and stare at you. "oh noooooes, a carrrrrr is coming". I literally came inches from hitting it, and everything in my car came crashing forward from its hiding spots as I squealed to a stop. (my cars kinda messy). It looked at me like "that's what I thought bitch!" And mosied off the road like it owned the damn thing. Deer are really freaking cute, but they're totally arrogant!

I'm downing Zicam rapid melts like their candy. Only, they don't exactly taste like candy. They taste like rotten chalk. Don't ask me how I know what that's like, other than I just assume. I'm friggin sick, and the new year is approaching! I need to knock this shit outta me so I can ring it in proper like. Tonight, I'm going home, and going to bed. Does my life excite you, or what?


EC said...

Just so you feel a little better about where you live, here is a story about where I used to live.

I got pulled over and got a TICKET for failing to dim my high beams when a car was approaching. I totally forgot that I had them on, and I didn't turn them off because there were no street lights where I lived AT ALL.

I got a ticket for $100.00.

So be thankful you just got a warning ;)

Janet said...

Well the silver lining here is he DIDN'T give you the ticket. I actually thought he pulled you over for talking on the phone. Do they do that there?

Happy New Year and feel better!:)

Mon said...

they pulled me over for that the first time, my brights, in the country. then gave me a sobriety test. jerks!

i havnt been pulled over for it but i think they can do it here...