"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reality Check...

I was at the beauty shop this weekend, getting my routine hair color, with high/lowlights while catching up with an old friend at the shop. I love days when my appointments just happen to overlap with one of my girlfriends, and we can catch up.

It's just like the movies...

I was going over everything that had happened in the last 8 weeks since our last visit.

All the dates I went on, people I've met, and fun places I have visited, and things I have going on in the near future. The time I am able to dedicate to working out, and training for the marathon, building muscle, how sore I am as a result, how I'm taking up tennis, and the fact that I get a bonus from work next weekend.

At the end of my appointment, I said "I have so much to do today! I have to sign up for the gym, go tanning, take the dog to the groomer, get my nails done, buy a new outfit, stop at Sephora for my beauty necessities, and get ready to go out tonight".

This was met with a , "must be a rough life"...

Later that night, my biggest decision, was whether to wear gold, or silver nail polish under the glittery new polish I bought for my toes, while I sipped wine, and didn't have to think twice about what to do with my hair, since I had just gotten a blow out, or what to wear because I just bought a new outfit.

I guess it was just a reminder, to embrace my completely amazing life.

Not just my single, child-free status, but the fact that I can afford to do all of those things, and still pay my bills, afford to have fun, have food in the fridge, and 5 healthy pets.

How easily I forgot that only 5 short years ago, I was over 100lbs overweight, worked two jobs from 8am to 11:30pm 5 days a week, and had no money, or time to enjoy myself, and lived on ramon noodles while also caring for my sick, laid-up brother, and paying for his Dr. visits and medications.

Thank you universe, for putting things into perspective for me. I think we all fall prey to life. The more you make the more you spend. The more you have the more you think you "need".

I really enjoyed that moment, it made me stop, and be thankful for all that I have.

It made the rest of my day more enjoyable, and less like a chore.

Life is funny that way.


Rachel said...

I've been appreciating the way things have turned out in my life, too! :) Things may not be going exactly as I would have anticipated... but that's the funny thing about life. It happens :)

Good for you, girly ;)

Allison M. said...

cheering you on! we need these little moments.

Teena in Toronto said...

Fabulous attitude!

Fizzgig said...

how true, I always thought id be in a totally different place at this point in my life but I also happen to live where I wound up!

thank you, I totally agree!

thanks lady!