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Friday, April 13, 2012

Livin High On the Hog...

Hi new sofa, you are beyoootiful!!

Happiness is...buying your very first brand new pieces of furniture. Something no one else has sat their ass on, or now I lay me down to sleep'd in!

I put more thought into the purchase of my furniture, than I ever did any of the cars I have owned! I took this very seriously! I researched brands, stores, fabrics (having pets, makes this very important!)

I've sat on many couches, and lay on many beds. And when I found "the one" I bought all available warranties, and even asked questions about what the warranties cover, to the "T".

Gone will be the days of my sleeping on the couch, and welcome are the nights of enjoying my beautifully brand-new, sealy posturpedic plush bed!

Just like my sister said, I would regret not getting the matching overstuffed chair and ottoman. But to do this, I'd have to buy a flatscreen TV, and new TV stand, and get rid of my entertainment center to make room. Hmmm...

The rest of my bonus is going to be spent on new bedding for my gorgeous bed, and an air purifier, and starting a savings account. (for a trip to see my sister in VA Beach, and yet another vacay Key West!!)

This weekend, I am going to be sleeping on a cloud, and lounging on a couch that doesn't sink to the side when I sit in it. Or have rips in the cushions or arm. I'm even embaressed to take my old couch to the curb it is so awful, and have lined up curb service with a friends husband under the guise of nightfall!

I kinda like this independent grown up thing I have going on. I'm so tired of waiting for someone else to get me where I want to be.

And getting there on my own, is even better!

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OBM.cle said...

wahoo! buying all of your own/new furniture is the best feeling! congrats and enjoy!!