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Friday, April 27, 2012

Pictures, and a Thousand Words or Something

Here is Mr. Magoo before.

 Here is Mr. Magoo at Gramma's, with his summer haircut, looking like a whole new dog. Of course since the recent drop in temperature, I had to put his sweater on to make up for having him shaved. This is the first time going this short with his coat, and I kinda miss his floppy hair, but he'll appreciate it come summer.

To make up for shaving all his poodle curls off, I got him a new lamb toy that you can see he loves.... Here he says "die, lambie...die!"...

After being shaved bald, my adorable cat society decided Mr. Magoo needed snuggles to stay warm. He totally thinks he is "one of the cats"....Who wouldn't want to be part of this snuggle society? My cats are awesome!

After leaving the gym last week, I had a note under my windshield wiper. I totally thought I got a random note from a secret admirerer at the gym, but turns out, my friends are just assholes!

 I love Aladins! I could eat here every day and love every bite! This past weekend I branched out from the usual dawali, and hummus, and got a chicken salad with Tahini dressing. It was 99% romaine lettuce, with smidge of  "chicken salad" ,almonds, and alfalfa sprouts.... Turns out I love alfalfa sprouts!  My year of trying new things is proving quite beneficial!


whitespace said...

That is one cute dog! I'd love a dog but still trying to convince my boyfriend as he would have to look after it if I went away (not that I go away that often!)

I love alfalfa sprouts. They look like the sort of things you wouldn't get on with, but then they taste great! They're nice in a pitta with hummus, beetroot and peanuts actually!

Teena in Toronto said...

After a furcut, they look like totally different dogs, don't they?