"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Inergalactic Planetary....

Everyone likes spooning!

I recently outed myself on facebook.

I post more pictures of my pets than most people do of their kids. (In my defense, my pets are far cuter than most people's kids...just sayin')

Operation, be more social, is on this summer's agenda. Really, I need to get out more!

I've filled up the next month with activities, in an effort to see, and be seen!

A trifecta of animals. I have the most awesome pet society...

Sometimes I wonder why I am still single, because, obviously, hanging out with your pets is pretty sweet right?!

You should watch this amazing rescue video if you love a good story!

P.S. I am not the least bit sad that in a few short weeks, this ragged ass plaid couch from 1990 is leaving my house, and I will have a brand new grown girl's couch in its place. I'm movin' on up!!


Debbie said...

I love, love, love your pics. Pets are absolutely it! I can read about them, write about them, and just looks at pictures forever.

Hil said...

Pets are the best!

Teena in Toronto said...

Those pix are too cute! I take tons of pix of our kitties.