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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Race Season Begins..

Our race shirts and bibs were pretty cute! But unlike my first race last year, I did not wear my shirt to the race, according to my running friends, this is a faux pas.

It was a horrible day to run, freezing cold and raining.Some pavement, but mostly trail, which I was not conditioned for.

But I finished! Almost at goal. My official 5k time was 31:59. Two stinking minutes over my goal! Considering the rain and cold, and that parts of it was run on a trail where you were stuck single file behind the person in front of you, unable to pass... I'll take it. I have something to work towards for the next time! .

What really did me in was not having breakfast and running too fast up the last hill, and then dry heaving. I had to walk for almost a minute, until my friend caught up to me and yelled at me. I'm glad she found me and gave me the kick in the ass I needed! She was doing the half, and SHE kept ME going!

As usual, post race I feel fabulous! I can't wait for the next one! At the end of this season, I want to do a 25min 5k, which would be an amazing improvement for me. (This means if not completely stopping, cutting down smoking significantly....gulp....) I'll also be finishing two half marathons. First time out, I have no other goal than to finish them. (and sport the 13.1 magnet on my fusion!)

I had plenty of energy to clean my spare room out and set up my guest bed! Now, I just need some guests!

Friday was spent at a local hot spot for happy hour martini's and fancy food with the ladies. Followed by the viewing of Think Like a Man. I haven't laughed that much at a movie in some time!

How did you spend your weekend?


Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

Nice job on your race. Anytime you have to run on trails it slows you down. I think you can get that time down where you want it, just.
2. Pick a "fast" race. Flat, not too many turns, etc.
3. Add some speed work once a week (I've got ideas if you want :-)

Now you can wear the shirt.

Carmen said...

Yay! Good for you... I'm thinking of signing up for a 5K and my goal will be to finish without dying. Seriously.

Hil said...

Your name is Monica? Hi, I'm Hilary. Congrats on your 5k! I'm sure you'll get your goal next time. Woo half marathons! I'm doing a 5k tomorrow too! It's called the Color Run. Never done one before but apparently you run in white and they spray you with a different color at certain points on the course. I'm excited and plan to post pictures.

Jas said...

Two minutes over your goal? You ran a 5k! I can't run a 5k! YOU ARE AWESOME.

Little Missy Me said...

oh my goodness, I couldn't think of anything worse than running that far - you are incredible! Well done on finishing, and whilst it does suck not meeting your time at least you have something to work towards!

Fizzgig said...

i know i knowwww. its starting to hinder my speed.

'thats a good goal! that was my first 5k goal too!

Hi! Yes, officially, Monica! ohhh the color run! i missed the cut off for the Cleveland!! it looks like so much fun!!

thank you! I know, i should be happy but I like to challenge myself!

missy me:
i use to think that too. i never imagined id "get into" running. It was never a goal of mine it kinda just happened. i miss having pretty toes, that's for sure!

Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you!

If your body is a temple, mine must be a mansion! said...

I finally bit the bullet and "quit" last week. The hubs and I have been talking about it and as I told him that I curse the smoking everytime I run - we figured why not now. It is NOT easy (I've taken up crochet to keep the hands busy and mind occupied)and I haven't seen/or felt an improvement YET, I just know it will help in the long run.

I thought the trails were a nice change from the road, and finishing on the beach was pretty cool - if only the sun would have showed up!

GREAT JOB on your finish!!!!

Fizzgig said...

i am in awe of you! did you do it cold turkey? im so afraid of weight gain, since I have already gained 15lbs trying to "maintain" my weight loss. its so freaking harrrrrd!!!