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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Here's my poor pupper on the way home from the vet. If she could talk, she'd be saying. "Get that goddamn camera out of my face, and turn on the AC!"

P.S. she hates having her picture taken. If she weren't in the car she'd have hidden from me.

P.P.S. I probably shouldn't have taken pictures of my dog while driving on the expressway either.

You know, I call her my million dollar dog, because she's had nothing but issues since I bought her from the pet store 13 years ago. I don't advocate pet store shopping for this reason. I'm convinced she came from bad breeding.

About 2 years ago I took her to a new vet closer to home. Who told me that her lymph nodes were swollen, and that she probably had lymphoma. In this Dr's defense she wanted me to pay hundreds of dollars for testing to be 100% sure.
Instead I cried for days. Thinking my dog was going to die in 3 months. She didn't. I ended up trying a new Dr at the practice, and he told me she's got swollen lymph nodes cus of her constant skin and ear infections. This is her third visit with this vet who still confirms this diagnosis.
We'll see how it works. Instead of $350 it only cost me $116. That's a bargain for me. She got antibiotics, ear ointment, antihistimines, and ear cleaner. And I found out she doesn't have a tumor in her liver as I was afraid she had cus she has a bulge when she lays down.
Apparently she has a spare tire. The vet said older "chubby" dogs get "fat pads". Who's he calling chubby? She only weighs 21lbs. Ideal weight is 13-16lbs. She was at one point 35lbs. The apple didn't fall too far from the tree on that one!


amanda said...

that pooch is so cute! oh geez-love the face!

and she doesn't look like she could be 35lbs ever.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Bless you lady for loving you little dog. She looks like the sweetest thing and she can't help it that she stinks with her ear infections and all. Just think. Some folks would just have put her to sleep years ago! But you've been loyal to her and I'm sure she loves you.

Fizzgig said...

she is a pretty cute dog. She is showing her age but still has a cute face!

im the only one who likes her. someone would put her to sleep, my mom and brother say all the time i should! shes my punkin!

Andhari said...

Awww the billion dollar dog worth it though, look at how cuteeee she is ;)