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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life's Lessons...

I dunno why you always learn things the hard way. Why is that? "Don't marry him, he's a total asshole". I was with him for 5 years, and I didn't believe anyone. Two years after the wedding, it's over.

"You better go to the dentist, one day you'll be sorry". But I didn't go to the dentist. And now I pay. All I can say is, its a good thing I didn't die during the NKOTB concert, because I would have missed all the pain and suffering from the dentist, and I'd not learn my important lesson.

Firstivly the receptionist was my former coworker, who is my dentists Mom. So, it was nice seeing her, and she gave me a picture of her son she happened to have in her purse, as he was guarding our nations President at a town hall meeting in Elkhart, IN. He's in the secret service. I remember he always aspired to be, and now he is. He's single....I told her I'd set him up for her.

I got my shot of novacain....then a second, because "I have a lot of work to do". Lemme tell ya the first part wasnt bad, it was like a filling just drilled my tooth away. After the drilling and digging, she put some thing between my tooth and gum and pulled my gums out and THAT hurt.

Then, she said it was so decayed she had to take about half my tooth off, and I couldn't have a porcelain filling in that big a hole, so she put silver in it. You know, I hate metal in my mouth. When she first started, I could taste it on my tongue and I made her stop and I said if this is what it's going to be like, I can't have that in my mouth! She packed some kind of medicine up in it, and filled it up. I still dont like having that in my mouth. Maybe it will go away but it gets cold when I drink. The porcelain? I cant tell I have them.

Then I had another Xray. She said I may end up losing it in the long run, because it was so bad. I said "you told me if I had it pulled my teeth would get all jacked up" she said it wouldn't be that bad, since its the last tooth, it'll probably be fine. I said you can't pull it until I'm married off. No one will marry me if my teeth are jacked up.

Then the dreaded news. "I was almost at the nerve". So, she gave me antibiotics for a week (yeast infection better not come along and halt my sex life!!!) and told me to take some advil before the novacain wore off.

After chatting with them for a while I went off to buy some bogo Ibuprofin at Rite Aid, and started popping them. I was in tears around 8 last night from the pain. I can't remember how many of them I took.

My cute manfriend texted me that he'd make me soup and kiss my forehead when he got there. (awww) But what he did was bring me push pops (yum) and orajel, which was brilliant! Then he packed me a little zip loc with my orajel and q-tips inside for work the next day. I didn't think of that, and it helped! I think he's pretty much the cutest ever, and I'm a very lucky girl!

He also gave me tylenol w/codein so I took one around 1 am and was out like a light. After you know, snuggling with my cute guy.

We rented Revolutionary Road. What was the point of this movie?


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Oh, good Lord. Honey, you better go to the dentist every six months now. If you go on a regular basis, this kind of experience will likely not happen again. You may want to get a 2nd opinion, but I'd have that tooth yanked if it's in the back. Your manfriend really does love you. Oh, and I HATED Revolutionary Road. What a crappy movie. And there was no point. It's not like we all don't already know how miserable the married folks were in the era. Good waste of 2 hours, IMO.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Get some clove oil. Not the diluted junk. Comes in a tiny bottle and you can get it at any place you buy essential oils. Rub a bit on the gums on both sides of the tooth. Pain gone. Reapply as needed.

mylittlebecky said...

mouth pain is the worst! hope you feel better soon! :)

Erin said...

Well now you know the importance of the dentist (I didn't go for 10+ years, I get ya!)... but at least they are all nice ans shiny now ;)