"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, June 15, 2009

If I could Fly like Time, I would save a lot on gas and a car payment...

How was your weekend? Mine pretty much rocked. Top of the list of awesome, was the fact that I got to snuggle with my manfriend for three (count em) three nights in a row. Some things never lose their appeal.

Friday I made a delicious concoction with strawberry vodka, club soda, and sliced strawberries. Pretty much everyone was jealous of my drink. I think for the general population, adding some simple syrup to this would be paramount. But alas, it's more blasted calories, and it was a great summer night drink as is.

I hung out with the manfriend and his peeps and we cooked out, and had general merriment. Then we played some games of beer pong. Which I lost horribly. But manfriend's brother took my first cups to drink them all it was like 4. Second game I lost, manfriend drank my cups. I enjoy being a girl, I didn't even have to ask!

I bonded with a guy who I thinks name was Bobby....He had on a tshirt with a slice of bacon on it that was standing next to a club sandwich, and it said "you can find me in the club". Ok, so imagine that drunk, it was way funnier. His family was gypsies. I'm of Polish decent. So somehow we talked about how our people were opressed in the holocaust. We're often forgotten about.

Know whats super fantastic? When one of your guys friends tell you that he's known your manfriend since childhood, and that you're the prettiest coolest chick he's dated. I think his friends are pretty awesome too.

Then we played thunderstruck. (you know, the drinking game) and were all feeling pretty good. Then some random dudes showed up. Manfriend lives on the second floor, and these guys just walked in. Of course the boys kicked them out. We were up until six in the morning.

Sunday we sat out back at my house ane watched birds. I finally saw the WOOD PECKERS!!! Cardinals mate for life you know. It's adorable. They "mate feed". Here, the boy is feeding the girl. I love to watch this. I think it's so sweet how the man always watches out for the woman while shes at the feeder! Chickadees are adorable too.

Suckage. Manfriends going to a bachelor party Friday. Bigger suckage. I can't go to the bachelorette party, because I am otherwise engaged on Saturday. Who has their parties on different nights? City folks.


Organic Meatbag said...

Perfect Zoo:
Wood Pecker
Tit Mouse
Cock Weasel...
OK, I made that last one up...that's what I call my cat...

mylittlebecky said...

snuggling! yayee!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Never heard of a thunderstruck drinking game. Since I don't even know what beer pong is that should not surprise you, eh? Back in my day was quarters.

Glad the blokes at the barby liked my new tool. :)