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Monday, June 08, 2009

Scottish Cattle.....

Friday I went to see Drag Me To Hell at the theater, by myself. There was like 6 people in the theater, and one of them, was a stupid kid who commentated the whole movie. First I gave him the death stare.

Then I asked if he was going to talk thru the whole movie. Then I finally moved to the back opposite side of the theater, where people behind me there told him to shut up. Reason #455.786,455 I don't want kids. They annoy people who pay $8 for a movie.

I worked in my yard Saturday. Meaning, I got poison Ivy which is awesome.

I went to the winery with my manfriend on Saturday. It was super for lots of reasons. One, it took like 11 minutes to get there. On rural back roads, from my homestead. Holla!

Two, they had these cattle there. Steven and Harriett, they are scottish cattle. I think. And they were really weird looking with dread lock type hair, but super cute and I decided that I want one on my farm. I mean two. Cus these guys were in love.

I snapped this picture of Steven and Harriett, and the Amish were in the back driving by in their cart. If you look close, you can see the amish have their headlight on. That's a lantern inside the cart for you out of towners. And they also had their top down.

And look how pretty the sky was that night. It was the perfect night to sit outside with your sweetie and drink wine. You don't notice the mosquitos when you have a nice buzz going on. And you can't really be mad at life when you stop to take the time to acually look at the world.

They have a wine that goes to support small animals. Love it! And, they have delicious Sangria. Which we also enjoyed. And a wine called big pecker wine. They were out of big pecker. Go figure.

Sunday I got up and made buckwheat pancakes for me and my manfriend, before we headed off to his great uncles house for his grandma's birthday party. We got on the pedal boat in the pond and floated around for a bit, its so nice and peaceful out there, even more peaceful than at my house.

We rented a couple movies and snuggled up for the rest of the night on the couch, and I got to drift off to dreamland in my manfriend's arms. Just the way I like it!


Hella busy.


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

sounds like a perfect weekend, Fizz. and those pics are lovely. makes me miss the whole country life kind of thing. cows are the best, except in the south where every one that you see has its ear tagged for slaughter. got to loved them rednecks and their beef addiction. ;-)

Teena in Toronto said...

The sky is sooo pretty :)

I hate yakkers at movies!

Andhari said...

How's Drag Me To Hell? Any good?

LiLu said...

I love that you have a tag called 'Reasons not to have kids'.

Fizzgig said...

yea these ones didnt smell i think because there was only two. Where I live its like 15 minutes to anywhere, but home is peaceful. I love it.

It was beautiful!

It was good. It was good in a campy horror type way. It didn't scare me, but I love scarey movies.

Yes, there are many. It's good to go thru if you get the bug one day. lol

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

harriet is a great name for a cow!! (it's also my middle name)


mylittlebecky said...

i LOVE scottish cows!

Erin said...

It is so pretty there!!! You're lucky you live in such a beautiful place!!