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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You guys all missed my half birthday on Sunday. So did I, I didn't find this site til yesterday over at blogjem.

This is a sample of what I deal with at work. We track all sorts of info (go figure) and we are seeing now, if featuring one of our exclusive peices has resulted in sales. Only, we are relying on the people who work in the stores to tell us. Not, real statistics.

For instance this is one I downloaded:

Q. Did any customers take the (insert product here) challenge?
A. No

Q. Did any sales resulted from the (insert product here) challenge?
A. Yes

Q. How many sales resulted from the (insert product here) challenge?
A. 0


Oh and Pee ess. I still hate working out. My ticker hasnt moved in 90 days, and now I'm locked out of it. They can eat it.


LBluca77 said...

How fun to celebrate a half birthday. I want to do that but I think it is to late for this year. Oh well next year.

LiLu said...

Half birthdays?? Love it. Any excuse to celebrate... ;-)

Andhari said...

Half birthday is a good excuse to just go crayyyyzeee lol

ps. I hate working out so we're on the same boat on that one.

Erin said...

okay I read this thing liek 3 times, and I don't get it... what do these questions even have to do with how much sell?

Huh... that is why I hate business, lol.