"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I got a cat but he aint mine...

Like attracts like. Think positive and positive will come. I keep picturing my little girl on my porch, yelling at me as she loves to do in her bossy way.

So, I called my library, which happens to loan out humane traps with a library card. Whodathunkit? As my manfriend says, I live in the "country" but it's more rural I suppose than country. Fields, and sheep and cows and whatnot makes the country I guess when you are from Cleveland. I live like 2 miles from a grocery store and gas station. It's not little house on the prairie.

Since I have a dickhead ex, who took out a ton of stuff in my name and got hauled off to rehab, therefore leaving me w/hundreds in fines....my kind neighbor, Tara went to pick it up for me.

This things pretty big. I walked for an hour thru my neighborhood putting up more flyers. It is now raining, which pisses me off because I'm going to have to go back again and replace them all. Then I set the trap back in the woods behind the neighbors apartment complex. There is a shed back there so I thought what the hell. I surounded it with my cats pee and poo from the litter box. And, I have a lot with four cats. I used a lot. I also put in my tshirt I slept in for the past few nights, and my sweaty gym socks. I've read a lot about trapping your cat. 70% of indoor only cats are returned by using a humane trap!

I have been depositing lots of pee and poo in my area to make it smell like my kitties territory, and familiar so she will come out of hiding. I checked my trap around 10, which I had covered in a Hello Kitty blanket my other cats and the dog had slept on...and I saw it had been sprung. I peeked in with a flashlight and I saw black, and instantly fear struck me....I caught a skunk!! Then I heard the hissing from a cat, and knew what I had.

I had to cart his ass back to my house so I could set him free in the light and until I did he was cussing up a storm. Once he was out he seemed friendly. He was a huge black male with huge black balls. He tried to go right back in that trap for food. Men! The good news about this is that even though I havn't seen other cats, they are around. So my cat can be around. Also, he can be scaring the shit out of my Fizzgig, because she doesn't understand hissing. She looks at a cat like, huh

I also left my back door open. I locked my cats up downstairs, and left the door open where my cat escaped. It's called turning your house into a trap. It's raining. I'm hoping she will come back on her own? I really don't want to deal with like, raccoons or possums or skunks or squirrels in my house. But....I love that damned furball to peices!

So keep sending me positive vibes, I just may trap a cat!

Nice story, this cat was finally trapped, gone for weeks!

"We miss our Mommie"!!


sazza said...

Good idea with the cat trap! I just had an idea! My cat absolutely loves those 'jingle toys' you get. Why don't you try something like that - something that will make a noise?

*sending more kitty vibes*

Good Luck! x

Mike said...

Great idea. It's funny that your library loans out animal traps. Haha. I, too, am sending more positive vibes your way.

Erin said...

oh gosh, I'm so sorry your cat got away!!! I feel so bad :( I know how it would feel to lose my Piper so it must be really hard for you...

But the cat trap idea is wicked smart, I had no idea they loaned out those things at the library, lol.

I am definitely sending positive thoughts your way!!!

And hey, thanks for the awesome advice on my post today... you are so right on... I am going to heed that advice and start writing for me again. It is so simple yet I never thought of it... so thanks again!

Maxie said...

still sending good vibes your way!!!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Not to make light, but that made me laugh - the black cat with huge black balls comment. You certainly have a way of writing, Fizz! Now, seriously, I am still wishing and hoping your little fur ball will come home tonight. Surely, she'll crave your warm, dry house. If a raccoon wanders in, do NOT try to deal with it alone. Raccoon's can be quite vicious!

LBluca77 said...

Oh no, so sorry about your cat getting away. I am sending you positive vibes right now though. I hope you get your cat back.