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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Asta Lavista, Shithead...

You know when someone does something really douchy, and you say "that was a dick move"? New new girl, made a dick move at work yesterday. I spent an hour with her in a one on one planning out the month of March, with deadlines, when reports come out etc... I asked if she had anything to talk about, ask me, questions? No, nothing. I then spent a half an hour training her on top of that. Half hour later, I go to lunch and get my workout/Price is Right on. (Another person wins a double showcase? Somethings not right here...)

I come back with semi wet hair, as I forgot my hair dryer, and she has her coat on. I'm thinking, she doesn't go to lunch for half an hour what the fuck is she doing? She says "can I talk to you in the atrium?" which is just outside our dept, and not private. I get up this happens:

NNG: "you know how I've been looking for a job, right"

Me: "no"

NNG: "oh, well I have been and well I found one you know, closer to home and stuff, and it's nothing against you or anything but well I accepted it and I want to start tomorrow so what's the procedure?"

Me: "you would turn in a notice...you're not turning in a 2 week notice? It's customary when you leave a job to give notice"

NNG: "well I read in our handbook that this is an at will employer like, you could fire me whenever, and I can quit whenever"

Me: "you can quit, but your new employer should understand that you want to work out a notice at your job"

NNG: "well I kinda want to start tomorrow so..."

Me: "are you leaving right now?"

NNG: "I was gonna go to lunch"

Me: "your lunch isnt for half an hour and new girl is off today, so you have to stick to your regular lunch, let's go talk to (my boss) because I'm not sure how to handle this"

Me to boss: "hey can we talk to you?"

NNG to boss: repeats dumbass statement about finding another job.
Boss actually says she is happy for her

Boss to NNG: "well you want to turn in a notice then, right?"

NNG: "no, no offenst but I really don't care to come back to (our place of employment) so I wanted to start my new job tomorrow"

Me to boss: "she wants today to be her last day"

Boss to NNG: "well we can't stop you from leaving"

NNG: "that's what I thought, I mean I really just wanted to leave and start my new job tomorrow I told them I'd start as soon as possible"

Boss to NNG: "can I ask where you are going?"

NNG to Boss: "I don't have to tell you do I?"

Boss to NNG: "nope"

And she walked out of the conference room. Turns out my boss made that bitch leave right then. She walked her out. Who leaves a place without notice? She's 25, and old enough to know better. You don't burn bridges. You never know when you will run into a former employer that will be your new employer. You never know when you will lose a job and need a place to go back to. Whenever anyone calls for a reference, she isn't eligible for rehire, that never looks good. Stupid.

Total dick move! Bad karma! The worst part is her old coworker said she was upset she didn't get laid off. There were people who were devastated they got let go and that fucktard was disappointed. And now, who knows if we'll ever get the position filled. Or, if I'll ever get to take time off again.

Right after this happens, her old coworker, who moved up to our department in body only, says this to me

CW: "I know I havn't been in this department long, but I need to ask you a favor"

Me: "Ok..."

CW: "I need you to look at my butt"
Immediately I panic thinking she wants to show me a hemorroid, and I'm thinking...am I on candid camera?

CW: "I spilled pop and I want to make sure you can't see it"

P.S. I am getting a tax refund this year. I have not got one for 4 years. I have had to pay the fucking government, for working two jobs. And now that I work one, and make more money I get a refund....how is this fair? Who cares, I get money back! *squeal!!!!*

P.S.S. Should I be getting a complex, that I've been a supervisor for 1 year and had 2 people quit?


Mike said...

Yeah, who cares about fair when you're getting money. Sounds fair to me. Why would she make you go through all the trouble of training her that day if it's her last. I don't like her.

Looking at that girl's butt is sexual harassment. ;)

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Good riddance to an employee who clearly doesn't realize how lucky she's been. Karma is a bitch and likely this behavior will haunt her. Then again, you have dipsh*ts like this one who will likely pull these highjinks wherever she goes.
Congrats on the refund! That does feel good, doesn't it? :-)

Fizzgig said...

it is sexual harassment! i should have known better having had to take 15 classes on that and diversity! I dont like this broad either, good riddence!

right, after so many people who wanted their jobs were laid off! idiots like her were wishing they got let go! its not fair!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...


also, i never knew thats how you spelled asta lavista!

So@24 said...

Ugh, that convo made me really uncomfortable.

Or maybe it's just work in general

Fizzgig said...

i dont know for sure if thats how you spell it....maybe it isnt....

it was a very odd situation. very odd!

Erin said...

She probably didn't have anywhere to go - she probably just wanted to quit. She'll realize very quickly how really stupid she was for doing that!

WTG on getting a refund - yay!!

babylamb said...

Karma... She will learn you don't burn bridges does she realize how hard it is to get a job these days.

Yep I would have walked her out right then. Why pay her for the rest of the day when she won't be working anyways.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

NNG who basically quit with no warning is a total idiot! That's just not what you do.

Crikey, I gave my employer a YEAR notice when I moved down to Oz.